False tooth price

My tooth is falling out. First time apart from Wisdom teeth. About how much is it for false tooth I don’t want anything special. I need to know at what price am I getting ripped off and about what is reasonable. As the ailing tooth is at the back of my mouth is there any reason to have a false one anyway?
Do you have to take them out at airports or something. I’m clueless about this.

If it’s toward the back of your mouth and you’ve still got plenty of other intact teeth to chew with, it might be better to simply remove it.

Most dentists are content to let sleeping teeth lie, as it were.


An implant will be about 60 000 to 80 000 NTD.
A simple crown about 10 000 NTD.
And for the bridge option, I don t know and I would not recommend sacrificing two teeth to fill in a gap in the back of your mouth.


Thanks , so a crown is the same as a cap? Yeah someone mentioned you sometimes have to take out a couple of good ones to fill in for a “bad un”.

Yes by crown I meant a cap.
And with the bridge, they will put a caps on the two teeth next to the gap, not pulling them out but damaging them.

I agree and I’m an aging man with a face like a bulldog anyway so I don’t mind a gap. I thought there might be some medical reason for needing it filled in. I can still chew good.:ok_hand:
Oh sorry I meant “chew well” verb + adverb…
And i got real big guns too lol

Let me just say
Don’t trust the dentist
He runs a real racket keeping your teeth and then passing them on to the TF when you’re an adult.


As with anything in Taiwan, you can get cheap and expensive options. A used false tooth is usually around NT$3000. A tooth made in an obscure factory in Changhua county will put you back NT$4000 to NT$7000, but they sometimes skimp on material quality. A medical grade false tooth made with imported 3M material will be around NT$15000 to NT$20000.

The expensive part is the in-fill and reconstruction work in your existing dental facilities. That can easily put you back NT$50000, excluding material.

Thanks for the detailed message. I didn’t know it was that pricey. It’s right at the back of my mouth so almost impossible to see in everyday life so I’d rather have it pulled. The “fill in” all sounds like a big hassle for one rear tooth and expensive. I’ll go to two different dentists to see what they both say. My friend is just in a court case with a dentist for allegedly messing up his teeth. I’ll think I’ll go for the old fashioned pull the dam thing out which will be simple and a lot less expensive.:drooling_face: I’ll keep you filled in as to what happened. ha

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Even if you do decide to get an implant, getting the tooth pulled is the first step anyway. And they have to wait for bone to grow in before they can put in the implant.

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Dentists try and talk you into whatever leaves you with a full set of teeth. They’ll tell you if you are missing teeth on one side it’ll make your face lop-sided. This is all lies. I had a crown break thanks to a Taiwanese quack and it was 80,000 for the fix or 2000 or the pull. For back teeth it’s a no-brainer. You can get by with a molar or two missing.

Yeah thanks , I’d rather pull it myself than pay 80 000 for a false one in the back.ha.
I’ll get it pulled next week. Thanks for all the advice everyone.

Just go to India. A fraction of the price, you’ll have a blast traveling around and seeing the sights. And you’ll have a great story to tell your grandkids.


Oh, I forgot to mention, this guy is in Varanasi. Right on the Ganga river so you’ll be able to rinse your mouth out with holy water.

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He’s a pretty nice guy. I’d buy a bag of broad spectrum.antibiotics , a bag of weed., and some TCP mouth wash before I let him pull it :rofl:

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All of that is readily available right down the street at super affordable prices. Just avoid the Chocolate Bang. I tried it once and puked my brains out for several days. Never again.

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The dentist will tell you that if you don’t fill in the gap with a fake tooth, then the neighboring teeth will eventually become loose because they don’t have any support. Whether or not this is true in your individual circumstances remains to be seen.

Either way, the first step is to pull the bad tooth and let your mouth heal. So you don’t have to decide right away.

Dentists are great when you need them, but they make their profit from selling you lots of services and procedures. You should always think twice and / or get a second opinion before asking someone to drill extra holes in your head.

It seems to me that dentist will always say “you can’t leave a gap there, you have to put something in its place.” And “you can’t use a simple Bridge, you have to drill holes in your jaw and do surgery for a permanent implant.” And “you can’t do just one implant, because I see the other teeth that would benefit from being replaced with implants.” And then “you’ll have to sign up for the endless subscription service to come back and have us inspect the dental work, clean your implants,” etc.

my personal feeling is: beware of endless upgrades. Choose the simplest option and see how it goes.

There is some truth in their argument that when you remove a tooth, the teeth next to it may become unstable. However, this may take many years. So, if you’re in you’re 20s it actually might make sense to replace certain teeth. However, once you reach a certain age (50ish and over), it probably won’t make much of a difference.

An acquaintance of mine was in this situation and his dentist told him not to bother replacing the tooth since he was in his mid 50s.

that’s why I don’t have my top wisdom teeth extracted. I heard they are really close to being able to transplant teeth.

one of my back teeth is dead. I am hoping to transplant a live wisdom tooth from the top when I get the time and chance to do it

The dentist in Taiwan is like money factory, you go in with a small hole, next thing you know all your teeth need to be replaced.