Family naturalization questions

Dear all


I have no idea why they asked me this certificate before taking the tests…
Anyhow it doesn’t make a lot of difference because I need it and my preparation for the test done…:slight_smile:

Test passed…! Thanks all for your help
(BTW It seems like they relaxed the passing threshold to 60%…while initially was 60%)

Just applied for criminal background …it seems like two more months wait now…


Hi Alex

I finally got back the criminal certificate from my country and certified from Taiwan “Embassy” in my country. Do I need to have it translated before submission or in English is ok? Thanks

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In my case, I provided Chinese version of certificate to be stamped at MOCA. So, I am not very sure if English version is OK or not. I would suggest you make a phone call to HHR.

Thanks for the prompt reply
My certificate is in English
How could you provide it in chinese ?
Did you get it translated in Taiwan?

I’m sure this is posted many times on this forum and you may already knew, but here is the instruction.

Flowchart for the Application for Naturalization in Marriages between Foreign Nationals and R.O.C. Citizens and Household Registration

according to this, it seems they accept English documents without Chinese translation.
Edit: sorry, I didn’t read through whole. It seems they don’t say criminal record needs to be translated. You may be better to ask HHR office as @Alex1000 says.

Edit2:and sorry again. I forgot that what you will do is 自願歸化. In that case the Chinese instruction says your criminal record needs to be translated.

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My country representative office in Taipei prepared for me the Chinese version. They have such option which I have used. But you have the certificate in English.

For you it might be possible to ask some translation service. Once I used such service to translate our marriage certificate into Chinese. Is was successfully done in local court.

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ok thanks. Can I ask a colleague to translate it or I need to go to some kind of certified translator? thanks

The instruction says

I think it says the translation should be certified by TECO and MOFA, or notary in Taiwan.

Thanks but…wait a second…this means that I have to translate the certified copy I just received from TECO and send it back to them to certify again? it cannot be such nightmare…

I thought it is (TECO and MOFA), or notary, though it could be TECO and (MOFA or notary). I would ask to HHR office.

Probably is a diversion from the OP’s questions. But anyway, a question for @tando : do you know if a foreign person transferring from an APRC to ROC Taiwan nationality looses their open work permit and ability to sponsor residency for dependents? I know there is that one year gap before full citizenship, so wondering how that affects work rights for the naturalizing person, and residency rights for their dependents…

thanks let me ask again HHR even thought every time they tell me something different thanks

I am looking into this at the moment too. Sadly this was my conclusion. I’m going to try and send both the original and a translation to TECO in at attempt to get it done in one go. I’d be very interested in what you get back from HHR.

They just told me that the one certified in English by Teco must be translated and notarized in Taiwan and certify it again in mofa
(This no need to have the Chinese version certified also by Teco they told me but they might have told me this to make me happy and I will discover the truth during the interview…)

Anyhow in this mess I suggest you to call them as well and if you have already also the Chinese translation notarized to send as well that one to Teco just in case

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You can have TECRO notarize the translation but I don’t think it’s mandatory that they do it; you can also get it notarized in TW court:

I had my FBI report and its translation stamped by TECRO in one step but I can’t remember if it cost double.

The usual steadfast rule when dealing with Taiwan government institutions in regards to foreign issued documents is------->>>> Get them ALL translated and notarized!!! …This is especially true for HHRs as they will NOT accept any documents in a language other than Chinese!
Your first step will be to take the Criminal Record to MOFA/BOCA and get it authenticated. I think it costs NT$600 and takes about a week. You can go collect it yourself after a week or you can instruct the post office counter that’s stationed just below the MOFA to ship it for you for a small fee. After you get the authenticated document, get it translated by a Taiwanese friend/colleague etc or you can spend some $$$ to get it translated at a professional agency. Then take both the original & the translated copy to a notary public to get it stamped. This is the notary I usually go to…it’s located in Banqiao just next to the HsinPu MRT station Exit 4. They usually take 30mins~1 hour to get the translations attested. I forgot about the cost but I think it was around NT$700~NT$1000. Finally, with all the authenticated and attested documents in hand, head over to the HHR.



thanks a lot


I submitted all the requested doc to HHR…


do anyone know of any cases of someone who got refused from MOI after the review of all documents ?