FamilyMart vs 7/11

FamilyMart or 7/11 or…OK?

  • FamilyMart ‘it’s closer’
  • 7/11 or die
  • O ‘there are three sides to a street corner’ K

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Lay it down: all the gossip, news and predjudice you can report, find or invent. It’s the ultimate show down.

Which one is best? FamilyMart or 7/11? Or that other one?

7/11 solely because it closer.

I did pick-up some very nice large ceramic beer mugs a year or so ago at FM when Asahi had a special going on.

Nothing against FM, it just a matter of location.

7/11 has friendlier staff. Family Mart has better mango ice cream.

7/11 always has better promos than Family, i.e. price wise. You don’t have to spend a great deal to get your Hello Kitty collection started.
Also, there’s four on a block, always has stock, the food selection is better (i.e. garlic peanuts) and they have a better liquor selection.

Need I say more? :laughing:

7/1 has better underwear but FM has better ice-cream…

7/11 all the way. Friendlier staff, better food, cooler collectibles. All FamilyMart has is a decent selection of candy.

I’m saying family mart just so it doesn’t get a bruised ego.

How about the new SMART chain, that sells “everything” cheaper than other convenience stores. For example, Smirnoff vodka 42/bottle compared to 55 at 7-11, beer 10nt cheaper per can.

BTW 7-11 has responded with their new Happy Hour, 6-12pm everything is discounted.

I work at a Family Mart… the food is horrible most the time, makes me wonder why anyone buys them (I mean the bian dan and stuff, not the manufactured stuff) 7-11’s food is way better like their guan don zhu is much better compared to family mart’s and I actually go there for slurpees every now and then. The family mart I work at doesn’t have any “slurpee” so I can’t comment. I can’t comment on the bian dan of either place but I can say Family Mart’s suck and the only reason I eat them is because I get them free (ones that had to be taken off because it’s overdue) and I have no comment about 7-11’s because I generally don’t buy microwaved stuff… if I wanted something I’d go to a restaurant that sells it because you usually get more for your money.

As far as service and friendliness of the staff, I find that either place are about the same. I know the corporate is really anal about service though.

What about HiLife? or NikoMart or or…
I don’t really care to be honest, whatever is closest, as I only pay my bills there, withdraw cash or pick up some milk in a dire emergency.
They’re great to have around, but I can’t say I’m a frequent customer.
Btw, is it just me, or are more and more of the “other” brand corner shops closing and being replaced by 7-11’s?

I think I saw a tall white guy working for a convenience store such as that once. I wonder if that was you. Next time I’ll have to stop in to say hi!

I think I saw a tall white guy working for a convenience store such as that once. I wonder if that was you. Next time I’ll have to stop in to say hi![/quote]

Stop trying to get free stuff :raspberry: :smiley:

I think I saw a tall white guy working for a convenience store such as that once. I wonder if that was you. Next time I’ll have to stop in to say hi![/quote]

He’s not White.
Check out his link in his sig.

I work graveyard shifts… I wonder how a conveniences store boss would get an ARC for someone though, unless he opened the store himself. I work in Danshui close to ying jhuan rd (but not the one across the street from Watsons) and I am probably one of the few family mart staff that has long hair…

But the only regular foreigners that comes here at that time is a Dan Kang university professor… he buys alot of beer and porn mags.

They have porn at 7-11? And here was me thinking I was abreast of the situation!

Niko Mart … until they all disappeared one day.

There once was a very hot girl who worked at a Hi-Life near where I work…then one day she was gone, replaced by a pimply guy. So I don’t go there anymore…there are closer convenience stores.

Wasn’t Hi-life bought by FM recently?

7-11 hands down. Their online bookstore can’t be beat. A large selection of English books, movies, music and more all delivered C.O.D. to the 7-11 nearest you.

do these places have a really high turn-over of staff or is it just me imagining it?

also does anyone know if there is really ‘rice milk’ in those cartons of ‘black rice milk’? I’d really like to know.

plus my preference for 7/11 underware is getting serious. i’ve nearly a whole collection. When will they have resident psychologists next to the photocopiers?

Was that the one with the orange logo?
Weren’t they gobbled up by family mart?

I go to whichever shouts out welcomes & special deals the least.
Which oddly seems to fluctuate…