Favorite Movie soundtracks

I’m not really into buying movie soundtracks. Just once in while, I feel I have to get one, and of the few I actually got, most are really, really great. What are your favorite movie soundtracks? Mine:

Great compilations:
Cruel Intentions (one of my all-time favorite cds)
Great Expectations (been listening to it for years and still love it)
and, purchased yesterday:
Mona Lisa Smile which has loads of great 50ies songs performed by contemporary artists (including 2 songs performed by Tori Amos who also appeared in the movie - reason enough to buy the cd :wink: )

mainly instrumental:
Schindler’s List

and, just for the record
not really worth it:
The Piano

Feel free to disagree :wink:


Henry V, Branagh version

City of Lost Children

Dances with Wolves (oh, look, I know, but it’s a nice soundtrack, OK? :slight_smile: The problem is I used it constantly when prepping for exams, so if I put it on I feel I should be studying something!)

Little Shop of Horrors

Dick Tracy (Madonna)

South Park

Not worth it: Moulin Rouge, Hamlet (Branagh version)

Thanks for the Tori Amos information - I’m a fan! :slight_smile:

Great soundtrack from dreadful film – Crossroads (Ry Cooder)
Great soundtrack from great film – Betty Blue
Great soundtrack, great film – Paris, Texas (Ry Cooder)
Great soundtrack, average film – Round midnight (Dexter Gordon, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, John McLaughlin, Billy Higgins, Freddie Hubbard… the list goes on and on.
Great soundtrack, great film – Wings of Desire, Wim Wenders (Nick Cave, 'nuff said)
Great soundtrack, great film – McCabe and Mrs. Miller (Leonard Cohen)
Great soundtrack, pretty damn good film – Until the end of the world, Wim Wenders (cast of thousands, including Talking Heads, Neneh Cherry, Nick Cave, CAN, REM, Elvis Costello, Patti Smith, T. Bone Burnett, U2)
Weird soundtrack, weird film – Arizona Dream (Goran Brevogic)
Off the top of my head. I have a lot more.

Also off of the top of my head…

Great soundtrack. great film - Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”
Great soundtrack, excellent film - Billie Holiday
Great soundtrack, excellent film - Brother Wherfore art Thou?
Cool film, cool soundtrack - True Romance
Cool film, excellent soundtrack - Tommy
Excellent film, excellent soundtrack - Harold and Maude


Of course, Tommy and OBWAT (both of which I was listening to just yesterday).
But can’t mention Tommy without giving a nod to Quadrophenia.

Nod to Quad’ but what is OBWAT?

And, erhm, Cool soundtrack, and teen movie - The Breakfast Club

Thanks for the Tori Amos information - I’m a fan! :slight_smile:[/quote]

She’s on Great Expectations, too. Another movie song of hers is “Happy Worker” from the film Toys, an unusual song from an unusual movie.

I forgot one: Great movie soundtrack from a film I never watched:

City of Angels including that beautiful love song called “Iris” :wink: One of the few cds I can stand to listen to with my morning tea.


I love the soundtrack to The Mission (Jeremy Irons, Bob deNiro) and also to The Last Emperor.

And for all you rednecks out there

The soundtrack from Deliverence is awesome.


Randy Newman’s sountrack for Ragtime. Beautiful. Perfect. It’s a shame the movie isn’t nearly as good as the music.

A friend gave me the soundtrack to Dead Man by Neil Young. Very strange, but good.

A couple of others that I really like are from Wild at Heart (from back when Nick Cage was still a decent actor) and the great soundtrack to Clockwork Orange, by Wendy Carlos, who incidentally used to be a man, but that’s irrelevant.

Forgot another one:

Dead Man walking, especially the songs by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Mary Chapin Carpenter

(I forgot that one because I only have it on tape and my tape recorder is broken :frowning: )


Good point Iris. That film introduced me to Nusrat. Even my wife likes him, I think.

Great classic soundtracks, in addition to the Who flicks mentioned above, of course:

2001 Space Odyssey
Jesus Christ Superstar


Blues Brothers
the various Danny Elfman soundtracks (if you like him)

Blade Runner by Vangelis, perfect for a cold, rainy Taipei evening like tonight.

Can I say Bad Boys? Love the theme and the rest isn’t too bad either.

Also like the soundtrack of The Rock and the one from La Femme Nikita (the series).

I think my favourite soundtrack ever (mentioned by Sandman) is:

Until the End of the World, from the film by Wim Wenders.

I also like:


Swing Kids


[quote=“Bu Lai En”]I think my favourite soundtrack ever (mentioned by Sandman) is:

Until the End of the World, from the film by Wim Wenders.

I also like:


Swing Kids

Brian, eh? That’d be the one with the St. Etienne soundtrack. :wink:

Oh Sandman, you’re right. How could I possbly forget. A great little indy soundtrack to a great littler indy movie (which I’m not sure ever came out on general release).

The movie was ‘The Misadventures of Margaret’

The soundtrack is ‘The Misadventures of Saitn Etienne’ :smiley:


“Apocalypse Now” – Mickey Hart contributed a lot to this one. Narration from the film adds even more.

“Chungking* Express” – for the track that blares at the beginning of the film (“Fornication in Space”), if nothing else.

  • I didn’t add “Chongqing” to this. Is this a “helpful” feature?

“Pretty in Pink” – OK, a John Hughes film with a great soundtrack, ranging from Suzanne Vega to OMD to New Order to the Smiths to the Psych Firs.

“Run, Lola, Run” – I just put this one on and let it play.

“The Warriors” – title theme, Baseball Furies chase, “In the City” by Joe Walsh.

“Fast Times at Ridgemont High”-- (where only the rules get busted), Jackson Browne and that old pair of Vans on the back cover.

Yep, I think Bad Boy II’s soundtrack is really good, if you are into hip-hops. I think Chicago is awasome as well, since I love the movie so much…