Favorite Stomping Ground in Taipei

Where do you like to hang out?

  • Tian Mu
  • Warner Village area
  • Ximen Ding
  • Downtown/Train Station area
  • Yong Kang St.
  • Kuting/Shida area
  • Gong Guan/NTU area
  • Sogo/“East Side”
  • Snake Alley
  • Shilin Night Market
  • Linsen N. Rd. Combat Zone
  • Other (please specify)

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Here’s a poll for denizens of Taipei, not tourists/fly-by-nighters. Just curious, after having lived here for some time, where’s your favorite area to hang out? And why?

Difficult to select just one – for example, I have no particular preference for Yung Kang b[/b] St. over the Taida area, but I can’t select both. Although I normally won’t be caught dead in the other areas mentioned. And there’s no Bitan choice.

Echo previous comments; not enough choice (could there be?)

Perhaps an open answer would be better, or a more specific activity suggested. Been a while since I last “stomped.” :slight_smile:

[quote=“sandman”] And there’s no Bitan choice.[/quote]Seeing that you’re from the “exclusive sunny resort of Bitan,” I understand your preference for it. (I like the suspension bridge.) But the choices here are mainly commercial districts. If I added Bitan, then I’d have to include places like Da An Park, CKS Memorial, Youth Park, etc.

OK then, why not have an “other” option?

There was once a time when I stomped all over the Jinshan South Road-Jinhua Jie area. Considering the number of bars in the vicinty, and therefore its popularity, you should add it to your poll.

I like Anhe Road, and the immediate environs.

My Taipei basically consists of the area bordered by Minsheng in the north, Xinhai in the South, Jilong Rd. (including Warner Village area) in the east, and Jinshan to the West. I very rarely have reason to go anywhere else. When I want to explore, I leave Taipei altogether.

Yeah, give us other or otherwise …

That said I just moved into the Kuting area, so I guess I will now hang out around Shida though you could also try to find me at the Living Mall.

Want to know where you can hang out in Kinmen and Matsu?

OK, kids, there’s your “other.”

Well, I usually hang out around the place I work - which is the Nanking/Fuhshin b[/b] area. Hooters is nearby and that’s a great consolation.

Yes Mr. He, especially for one who claims to prefer to first look for the “inner qualities” in a woman (reference to other thread). :smiling_imp:

Caught with his pants down, I’d say.

[quote=“Maoman”]I like Anhe Road, and the immediate environs. [/quote]I’ve always wanted to explore Anhe. Restaurants galore! What are some good places to go? Went to Carnegie’s once, got frightened by the Sex-and-the-City type, high-power women of Taipei. :shock:

I stomped on a roach the other day, but it wasn’t really what I’d call fun, and it was out in the wilds of Hsintien so I guess it doesn’t count for the purposes of this survey.

Like many others here, I’m not really too fond of the city - I prefer to spend as much of my time as possible well away from its polluted and crowd-choked streets. The greener my surroundings and the further they are from the nearest road, the happier I am. Add in some unpolluted water that’s deep enough for swimming and then I’m in heaven. Not too much of that in Taipei, I’m afraid.

But when I do have to spend time in the city, I’m most partial to loitering in the area near to Chungshan MRT station. Idee seems to attract nubile young women like flies, and there are always so many gorgeous creatures to ogle in the surrounding streets and on the MRT platforms. The recent opening of SPOT in that area has made it very special indeed.

228 Peace Memorial Park (formerly the infamous New Park) is also quite pleasant, despite its rather unsavoury reputation - and it can be absolutely lovely on sunny but not-too-hot days - though its proximity to my place of work does somewhat detract from its appeal.

Interesting how few foreigners so far hang out in Tienmou, considering it used to be the denizen of foreigners in Taipei.

I have long suspected its heyday has passed. Now it seems mainly to attract students for cheap shopping.

Anyone else concur?

sorry wrong use of denizen, but I meant ‘stomping ground’, I guess.

BTW, where did my avatar go? I just bought it… :frowning: :frowning:

I haven’t set foot in Tianmu in more than a decade. I often think about doing so as there are a couple of shops I’d like to check out there, but I just haven’t got round to doing so.

I’m the dope who first voted for Tianmu.
I live in Beitou and work in Tianmu, so Tianmu ends being stomped on by me the most. But the stomping and hanging there are more a matter of convenience.
It’s more of a destination spot: Tianmu Baseball Stadium, Section 7’s funky outlet stores, the American import supermarkets, Taipei American School, loads of great restaurants.
It’s decidedly un-cool on Saturday night; it’s fine for living other times.
Many friends, from Tainan to southern Taipei make an afternoon and evening of shopping for supplies and eating then high tail it out of here by sundown. Understandable, if you have ever witnessed the night time crowds of expats at the Green Bar and the Pig and Whistle.

For me, it’s a convenience thing, too, so I spend most of my time in my own neighbourhood: Gongguan/NTU. Gongguan is sooo convenient: bookstores, movie theatres, shops everywhere, loads of food, and less than ten minutes walk to Shida, in case I should get bored.

The only time I went to Tianmu was before I moved to Taipei when I was checking out different areas of Taipei to decide on where I wanted to live. I somehow never made it back there :?


Sorry guys, I edited that. I’m still trying to wake up, otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have spelled Gongguan as Gungguan. :blush: [/color]

Though both areas are in close proximity and revolve around a university, the two are different in some ways. Gongguan is more commercial and re nao. Shida, with its narrow lanes and the park, is more intimate, bohemian. I think that’s how it acquired the Soho name, though I also hear that it came from “South of Hoping (Heping).” :?

‘Soho’ is a word I haven’t heard in a long time. But I thought it was another word for the Combat Zone.

How about changing Soho/Shida to Guting/Shida. Well, whatever it’s called Shida is my favourite area.