Fear of uncertainty and detachment during quarantine

Interesting. One of my Tinder dates suggested OKCupid which was far worse. Perhaps I should try Bumble next…

I did 21 days in the Q in Kaoshiung, the first 7 was nothing.

I lost several pounds in the Q, which was good because I have bit extra :wink:

lol, also known as ‘not Taiwan’

My wife took my Xbox and has been with Assassin’s creed non stop :joy:

Now this is a war crime.

Hahahaha, we were living in Shanghai and she flew directly to Taipei, but I had to go to my home country to process my visa… I didn’t want to carry the xbox with me in all those flights… so I took the Switch

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I’m taking my PC with me, so I’m facing 10 days of Elden Ring withdrawal…

Most good Xbox games are on PC too anyways. Jokes on her.

You didn’t buy the PC version?

The fact that they still insist on this long process of for-profit isolation and quarantine even though they currently have no cases of severe illness or death should tell you what you need to know. I agree with Andrew that it is an overreaction at this point in the game. Good job for Taiwan in the first year taking these measures but it is 2022 now with high vaccination and booster rate and they haven’t progressed.

I don’t think it is unusual for you to feel this way. It feels like a punishment as opposed to public health (especially sorry to hear you are in a room with no sunlight or real windows) but you will find plenty of people on these forums that will continue to defend these measures until the end because they haven’t been anywhere else during the pandemic.

I hope you are able to get whatever meat/rice they are serving at the hotels at least. I’ve seen pictures posted of what the food is like so I am sure it is disappointing not to be able to order out other food. Hang in there, I hope it is worth it for you once you are able to get out and explore. Hopefully you don’t test positive at any point and you can get out in a few days.

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Fixed it for you.



Yes you can, I’m ordering food every time I don’t like the meal they provide me.

@roger.zao You didn’t read what the OP posted. He could not communicate to get the food he ordered.

Yes you are the person I was referring to. You will be happy if Taiwan keeps 10-21 day quarantines forever and ever. Never moving on even though the flu has likely killed more people in Taiwan this year than Covid. Let’s see how that works out for an isolated island in the long run.

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As we know, nothing is forever. But as long as two conditions prevail—uncontrolled spread of COVID internationally, plus COVID under control domestically—there will continue to be border controls (aka quarantine on arrival) in Taiwan. If one of these two conditions changes, the policy will change.


My bad :confused:

This is a fairly poor mischaracterisation of @afterspivak and his beliefs.

Covid is going to be around forever. It will be like a flu variant. So basically you are saying that it is ok for Taiwan to stay closed forever. Covid is not just going to disappear. I am living out here in the real world and I can tell you that life is going on everywhere else. If you get covid you have a runny nose and sore throat for about 3 days if you are vaccinated. It is insane that they are locking people up over this and acting like it is the black plague. The treatment/prevention is worse than the disease in Taiwan’s case. I’m just not sure how long it is going to take them to realize it. By the time they figure that out they will be getting invaded by China most likely.


Sounds like a great place to want to come to and live. :wink:


Job/money/was hoping things would be normal by the time we arrive. I’ll admit it was not on our top list of places to move to with these restrictions.

Beats Ukraine doesn’t it.
For somebody who was just in Ukraine you ain’t said much about it.


There was a hilariously ironic exchange with @OysterOmelet that included how others who hadn’t lived in Ukraine couldn’t really know what they were talking about. It was delicious.