Fears As End of Contract Nears

Without going into detail, I have been working at the same difficult public school (government) for 2 years. The principal changed in August and that has put me under more pressure from some devious colleagues. My contract finishes in December and I am happy to let it run down. However, that is more than 2 months away and I feel a vague sense of threat like people who never wanted me there in the first place might try to trump something up before the end to terminate the contract in an undignified way. I hope I am wrong. So my questions are.

`. At present I am relying on the 6 month extension of visa to ride out covid here. If I suddenly faced a termination in late October or November, what could I do about the visa? If it is immediately terminated and I must leave giving no chance to extend?

  1. What would happen to bank accounts etc? I still have quite a bit of money here and maybe I could not transfer without the ARC? Would the bank even let me operate the account?

3 If the ARC was terminated in a day or a few days do I have a grace period to get out? Anything I can do?

This is definitely me looking at a worst case scenario and I hope none of it will happen, But I feel vaguely in my mind that some people there are going to try to pay off old debts and give me a bad send off. Perhaps it would be best to resign–but that would be for the end of November leaving me only one month short of contract completion, so what would be the point?

Any advice from long timers about the practical aspects? If they quickly cancelled a job and a visa what should I do? Is there time to get to the immigration office to apply for an extension? How about bank accounts and getting access to money, transfers?

It has been pretty toxic for a while, but the covid situation kept me still.

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I am not 100% sure, but I don’t think your ARC is inextricably linked to your contract. Your work permit probably terminates.

Some questions to help others who know much more than myself:
What kind of ARC do you have?
What were you teaching? If you are certified, you may have little trouble finding worthwhile part-time work to see you through whatever exit you choose.

Thanks for taking the trouble to answer. I think I read on here previously that the residence visa is also cancelled? If not, that would be a major boost.

yes, your ARC is linked with your work permit. There may be at least few days time gap between the dates your work permit canceled and it is reported to NIA and your ARC is cancelled. If you can apply for the 6 month ARC during the gap, you may be OK.

That is in the case that your employer apply for the cancellation of your work permit without you knowing it.
Usually, they need an agreement from you for the early termination to cancel the work permit.


Maybe cancelling the work permit automatically cancels the RV? The address of the work place is on an ordinary ARC I think.

You should have no issues with the bank.

Thanks. That’s what I thought. One would hope for some leeway. But it probably depends on the nature of the parting. Also, they would not want to pay longer than necessary so would like to cancel everything to protect themselves.

What about the worst case scenario? The RV is cancelled and could not be extended? How long to leave? Is this period affected by covid so other arrangements could be made? What about bank accounts and things? I have quite a lot stored up in bank accounts here. Will they still operate–at least for a month say? I remember reading on here a long time ago on here that to operate bank accounts and things you only need a certain number (tax?) which I guess I already have now on a permanent basis? But I hope the bank account will keep on working for a while. I suppose I could just go in and take everything out in a day…but what to do with all the cash if it can’t be sent abroad?

There would also be more than 100000 in tax to pick up.

First of all, the bad news: your ARC is tied to your work permit, which belongs to your employer. Worse: yes, they can cancel it without informing you. They are under no legal obligation to do so.

The good news: you can ask NIA about your migratory condition. And yes, there is at least a 6 month job search leeway extension, so you do not need to worry about your bank account. No one is going to kick you … Unless you overstay.

There lies the catch: you have to proactively make the extension request, it is not automatic like those guys on visitor visas.

And if course, keep in contact with NIA. Maybe they can inform you of any changes the bosses may make behind your back.

Try not to get the Labor Office involved in this, though.

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Thanks. I knew the bad so this sounds mostly like good news. But if I am suspicious of what my employer might do what action should I take right now? The visa is currently valid so I don’t need to ask them about that. However, it might suddenly become invalid at some point in the future without my knowledge. Can the visa extension be requested even if the RV was cancelled either very quickly or without my knowledge? Most of the time I’m working which makes travel to the immigration office difficult.

Two questions then:

  1. What happens if they catch me out and I find my RV was cancelled without my knowledge? Can I still request the 6 months?

  2. If not, what do I do?

How does your contract say about an early termination?

I think the last answer was a bit of a curve ball as I already knew I could apply for a 6 month extension. But this is within the last 30 days printed on the card. What if there is a sudden termination and no time to get the extension? What happens then? Considering covid and all?

You would need to get a notification of contract completion from your employer. Most bosses do follow the rules and give you the documents you need even if they fire you. That seems more likely if it’s a government school because doing otherwise could jeopardizes their chances of getting a foreign teacher in the future.
Also, 6 months may not get you past the covid scare. Things could always get bad here, and what will you do for money if you’ve not been working for 6 months? You should check with the health department about your insurance. I don’t know if you can keep it on an ARC extension, but you’d surely have to pay the full price on your own.

You sound quite freaked out.

I have no idea about the conditions at your school, but if I were you (and this is aside from the good advice already provided above about dealing with the NIA) I’d put on my humble face, work hard, and keep a low profile. This may not be enough for you to get a new contract at the same place, but it will make it more difficult for your actual or perceived enemies to do anything to you.

Take care,

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I’m curious to know the whole story. Why the enemies to begin with?

Thanks for the answers. I note that no one has answered what happens if the ARC is suddenly removed at the time of covid. Have to go or not? I guess no one knows.

that is what you could ask right now to NIA.

if your ARC is cancelled, you have to go within a certain perid, 7 days or so, I think. If your ARC is valid, there may be a way you extend it, but if it is cancelled and you aren’t continuously employed, you have to leave, unless you bring it to court.

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If laws are followed, which is likely for a non-buxiban school, there is no “sudden” ARC removal. A contract cancelation notice is given to you, and a notice is sent to MOE to cancel your work permit. Then, they contact the NIA and your ARC is eventually cancelled. 7 days or so, longer if they delay sending the notice to MOE.
If you know you’re being fired, ask for the contract cancelation immediately. It’s just a simple statement. There’s a sample form somewhere but they can just type one and stamp it. Make sure you get it before you walk out the door on your last day.

The worst thing, the only thing that would feel “sudden”, is that they could falsely report that you haven’t come to work for three days without notifying them and they cancel your work permit. That, of course, is fraud and it’s very unlikely to be done. When you’re in a tight spot, it’s a good idea to take pictures of your time card. If you actually tell you you’re fired but they won’t hand over a contract cancelation letter, call, text, send line messages everyday to show you were in contact. Again, that is very unlikely they get themselves in trouble. Most likely, they will fire you and give you a contract cancelation notice, or let the contract expire. Either way, you can apply for an ARC extension.