Feebie's Pizza & Pub Taoyuan - Chat Thread

Feebie’s has relocated to just down the street, same side and closer to Sanmin Rd. We were at 145 Junghua Rd. and we moved to 155 Junghua Rd., so it’s very close, but so much better!!
Our new place is much bigger, 2 floors with the first floor being the restaurant with bar, second floor will be an area to hang out with a stage for a band, dj, open mic or whatever the night brings… We will complete the first floor, then move on the second floor.
We moved out of our present location on March 31 and starting business in our new place on April 8th, after Spring scream in Kenting.
Sylvia and I are doing ALL of the work ourself, so thank-you for being patient and sorry for any inconveniences, if there are any.

Feebie’s II will be the place to be in Taoyuan city with new menu items, a bigger, hotter, more beautiful brick oven at the front, live entertainment… and so much more!

Thank-you for your support!

Carey and Sylvia at Feebie’s

Feebie’s II
155 Junghua Rd.
Taoyuan city
03 336 8887

Feebie’s has relocated, our place is coming together nicely and we will have a Grand Opening party on Saturday, April 18th, 9pm until 2am. Our kitchen is open from 4pm until 12am. We will offer a 12" 1 topping pizza for $250nt until 12am on April 18th. $100nt shooters, cocktails, and beer from 9pm until 2am or $600 all you can drink pre-made cocktails from 9pm until 2am.

Food and Drink Specials with games, Dancing and prizes throughout the evening. 50/50 Draw and a theme song that will be played between the times of 11pm and 12am, more details to come… Feebie’s is much bigger and our capacity is greater; new and improved everything!!

Sylvia and Carey are doing all the major work themselves, so it is work in progress.

Feebie’s will be looking great for the Grand Opening, and we may be having a videographer for commercial purposes.

155 Junghua Rd.
Taoyuan city, Taiwan
R.O.C. 330
03 336 8887
corner of Junghua Rd. and Sanmin Rd.

For those who missed Feebie’s Grand Opening on April 18th, we’ll have another party on April 25th, with $100 cocktails, shooters & beer from 9pm until 1am. You can get a12" one topping pizza for $250nt from 4pm until 12am as well.
We’ll have the big screen showing a playoff hockey game or UFC, & great familiar tunes with friends all around!
Our Grand Opening party was packed and we have heard nothing but great reviews, so we want to do it again!!
Feebie’s still has along way to go until completion, and we’ll get there A.S.A.P. with your support and understanding. Sylvia and I have worked very hard to build a great place for friends to hang out, eat home comfort food, listen to familiar tunes and watch HOCKEY and UFC or whatever we can do for you!

If you would like to reserve a table, please call us at 03 336 8887 after 4pm. You can also call Carey on his cell at 09 1867 7685.
Our regular hours of operation are Tuesday to Sunday, 4pm until 12am or later.

Thank-you for your support,

Carey and Sylvia at Feebie’s in Taoyuan city

Feebie’s is doing well in our new location and we have added to our menu.

We now have hamburgers, German sausages off the bbq, wrapped in our whole wheat dough and thrown in the brick oven (Feebie in a blanket), Guinness Draught, and our Deep Dish pizza is a favourite of those who enjoy thicker crust.

Feebie’s has the best pizza in Taiwan and I want other pizza businesses to challenge us!!

155 Zhonghua Rd.
Taoyuan City, Taiwan
R.O.C. 330
(03) 336-8887
(corner of Zhonghua Rd. and Sanmin Rd.)

Thank-you for your feedback. We are always looking ways to improve our restaurant for you, our valued customer. We hope to see you again soon.

I agree with Mr He. Either do a few things well, and improve the service, or keep the current arrangement and accept the consequences. I tried to PM my feedback but it didn’t go through. I’ll try again b/c its better if this is private.

Better if it’s private? Uh. People want to read about the place. That’s why the forum’s called “bars and restaurants” after all. Although, if what you need to say is so bad that it can’t be seen, that kind of says it all, really!

Carey, I have not had your food, nor have I ever met you. But, I must say that as someone that comes on a website, to promote their food and business, I would likely give your place a miss.

You may be the greatest cook that ever graced Taiwan, I don’t know, but your people skills really bite. Food service is a compound phrase. Notice there are are two words in it, FOOD and SERVICE, you must have both to succeed. One should reference EddieBurrito on this site to get an idea of how to go about. Now I live way too far down south to go there, but I would WANT to go, if not just to meet Jo and Eddie, who come off as some really great people, and who receive nothing but praise from their Mexican food competition.

Thats right, I said their competition praises them… WOW, what a concept.

SOME OF YOUR BEST BUSINESS, and your best recommendations, come from other people in the industry.

Get a clue.

[quote=“bobl”]Carey, I have not had your food, nor have I ever met you. But, I must say that as someone that comes on a website, to promote their food and business, I would likely give your place a miss.

You may be the greatest cook that ever graced Taiwan, I don’t know, but your people skills really bite.

You have never had our food, nor you have never met me, but my people skills really bite… ummm, ok?

My wife and I have done everything for this business and we have worked incredibly hard at it, Our restaurant is a work in progress and it has come along ways in a year and a half… We are doing everything we can to improve daily and we take suggestions and recommendations into consideration.
We can only do, with what we have, and work hard to be better everyday. We are very busy now and getting busier, so come in and try a whole wheat, thin crust pizza fired in a real brick oven with a fresh Caesar salad… or whatever you like.

Thanks for your support and suggestions,

Carey and Sylvia

I think its commendable for them to “dare” to come here and “push” their restaurant. They also respond to criticism and/or praise. So why not?

Will the pizza be round?

Who cares what shape it is?
There’s nothing wrong with a square pizza.

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I care. I like them round, that’s the way pizzas are in general.

Pizzas which are square is something your mum makes.

There’s a German restaurant called Ibiss that makes some of the best pizza on this island.
The best crust I’ve ever had.
Their Turkish Pizza is kind of submarine shaped with and sliced into long rectangular strips.
I guess you wouldn’t like it.

I don’t recall them labelling it as turkish pizza or tomato pie.

Problem I’ve found with non-round pizzas in the past is that they’re generally made by people who haven’t really figured out how to make pizza.

If you order a 12" pizza, your pizza will be bigger, round or not, if you order a 9" pizza, your pizza will be bigger, round or not… It’s not about the shape, it’s about quality and full flavour. Who says pizza has to be round? I don’t copy, and I don’t want to be like other pizza places, we are our own, 100%!
Feebie’s Pizza is Canadian owned, Canadian operated, offering Canadian quality at a resonable price with mainly Taiwanese customers. We designed our place(and still building to be better) , we built our place with our hands (every brick, every screw…), we painted, we operate it, we take the garbage out, we pay the bills, we offer the best service we can, we make sure every dish goes out the best it can, and we try to make everyone happy the best we can. We are working hard now and doing the best we can for the future of Feebie’s.
We have several satisfied customers, several repeat customers and regulars, and we offer a positive, happy environment,

If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

This is a discussion forum, and I am at least as entitled to my feedback as you are to plugging your place. Moreover, my feedback as a paying customer should be more valuable to you than someone merely helping you plug your place.

although i understand that it’s hard work to start and run a palce from scratch, then at the other hand, when I come somewhere and put down my cash for a product which is no cheaper than the say Taipei or Longtan competition, I expect a certain level, be it the service, the decor, and yes the presentation of the food. That you work hard, yes understood, however at the same time, I have worked hard in order to be able to afford eating out at places priced above the average Taiwan eatery, and well, as you expect your customer to order, eat, pay and hopefully be happy, I also expect my money’s worth. If I don’t get it, I will instead drive the other 15 minutes and take the family into Taipei instead, when we are looking for good pizze.

That said, and as I mentioned earlier, the main issue was not the pizzas, it was the other stuff, IE the hamburger, which I could do better, and the lack of decor or service. (Pricing was not bad compared to Taipei, however was a bit dear for what we actually got, both in terms of overall quality and presentation, but also in terms of decor and service).

OK, a ‘nice thing to say’ - for your own good stop posting.

It’s like watching a slow motion car crash.

[quote=“tatterdemalion”]I had another great meal at Feebie’s this evening. They’ve added some new homemade salsa to their nachos, which was wonderful. Also, they’re now offering deep dish pizza as well as thin crust. Pay them a visit next time you’re in Taoyuan![/quote]I’d forgotten you’d posted good things about Feebies before. That does put a different slant on it. I’ll try out their pizzas sometime. The shape doesn’t bother me. My mum makes the best pizzas I’ve ever had, and they’re not always round.