Feeling Disillusioned as an Indian in Taiwan

Hiya, thanks for sharing your thoughts too :grinning:

I don’t think ppl there are better in general, but I think ppl there have more opportunities to contact foreigners. For example, some Taiwanese living in some cities have only seen less than 5 foreigners in their hometown. So when they meet or even just see (sorry I don’t know how to express better) them, they feel curious. And normally Taiwanese won’t talk to strangers (in my opinion, only if you look like you need help🤣). All the things that we know about some specific countries are from local news, very low quality news or even……the fake news🥲 We have so many stereotypes on many countries (it’s so terrible I know but it’s true, ppl here really need to be educated on this point) So I think if foreigners don’t feel welcomed or face some challenges, at first maybe they can move to the places where lots of foreigners have same situations, then when they meet more ppl (foreigners or locals), they may get used to the culture more here and can try to more some other places?

I used to live in the UK for 3 years and tbh sometimes I don’t feel welcomed. I chose to hang out with my Taiwanese friends first, then when I got more energy?! I started socialising with local ppl again. I think the key thing is taking care of our (mental) health, instead of being inclusive in the local culture.

At last, I live in Xinzhuang and am trying to find the language exchange partner (English - Mandarin/台語), so if @DunderMifflin still want to have a partner of language exchange, or just want to have a drink, please feel free to contact me :smiley:

Still hope everything enjoy their times in Taiwan!!:face_holding_back_tears:


I mean I hope EVERYONE ENJOYS THEIR TIME IN TAIWAN​:face_holding_back_tears: Everyone!!!:face_holding_back_tears:


You can’t compare UK with Taiwan, UK has a massive immigrant population. Taiwan is way more challenging.

I agree hanging out with your own ‘type’ (if you can find any) is fine too.

Still its good you acknowledge the ridiculous stereotypes that exist here, but it’s not just stereotypes, legal and abusive discrimination that makes most foreigners walled off from society and having far less rights than locals is at play too.


What about if they’re really good looking ?:joy:


I think you missed my point. :upside_down_face:

I’m not the one suggesting that America deports Americans, and I don’t think that’s what happened to TL in the most recent attempt to make the disillusioned Indians thread more TL-related.

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Hey Brian thanks for letting me know your thoughts :smiley:

I don’t mean to compare UK and Taiwan, I just want to let ppl know the way I use helping me live in the other country :face_holding_back_tears:

Totally agree with what you said at the last paragraph. Maybe it’s bc there’re not lots of foreigners in TW comparing with some Western countries, so this kind of topics don’t really be attractive​:smiling_face_with_tear: Ppl here are not “don’t care”, we even “don’t notice”:smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

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Here I am looking like an asshole taking out frustrations on you.

Thanks again for contributing and offering your suggestions.


I appreciate Cinnamon’s candidness and willingness to talk openly about what can be improved here. I think many of us are used to the fact that when we express our opinion about something that needs to improve in Taiwan, many Taiwanese will become defensive and say it’s the same in other countries. As if that were an excuse for things not to change.

I know you’re not doing that and appreciate your contribution.

I get often told that I am looking for a fight because I am equally defensive. I am tired of correcting strangers calling my kid a foreigner who is in fact Taiwanese and whose mother tongue is Mandarin. This is in a supposedly diverse part of Taipei.


Taiwan is a society where the notion of being defensive or fighting and making efforts to bring change is rarely seen in my opinion. Most people i meet day to day believe on the idea that “Something bothering you? Just leave”
Your school isnt making u happy? Just find new one
Your work isnt making u happy? Just find a new one
Your relationship isnt making you happy? Just find a new one
Taiwan isnt making u happy? Go to another country

Now i do believe that in many cases, finding a new alternative is a good thing and we should never be stuck in a toxic environment where no amount of effort brings any change BUT first we must make some effort to bring a change. Some effort to make things right because life rarely spoonfeed us. There are issues and struggles everywhere but most people around me always have one solution to all my sadness- Just leave. It took me some time before i realised that the reason they say it because thats the solution people believe in for every sort of problems in life.


So don’t leave , as that’s probably what they want you to do. I wouldn’t leave somewhere because someone else just wanted me too. Theyd have to physically remove me, fire me or whatever. I’d leave when I wanted too not because they want me out the way.

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What if they’re buying?

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Actually people dont care if you stay or leave. It does not affect them either way.


Most times when people give advice, its just they doing the confirmation bias. They dont care we leave or stay. They themselves wanna leave and they want us to agree to their opinion. So ofcourse, we can do whatever we wanna do. I am sure most expats here have been told at some point to leave but we are still here. Local people hardly care about others even when they give an advice, most of the advice isnt from the viewpoint of empathy.

This is wonderful. It’s called 念舊.

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It’s happened to me. Not in real life, but on Forumosa! Even though I’m the one who is Taiwanese and he was the expat. Not sure how that works. :sweat_smile:


I was talking about the work place rather than the country. However, if all foreigners suddenly took off and left yes any country would care. They need foreigners here especially with the falling birth rate.


I just had an unsolicited offer in UK. The recruiter was like we cannot find nearly enough engineers after Brexit. Basically begging for qualified people. Shit salaries don’t help either lol.



Eh doubt I’ll take it. Salary is too low, trying to negotiate. We’ll see how it goes.