Racism in UK, US, and elsewhere

No one feels welcomed in the UK , it’s British , they don’t even like each other. However, the system is now definitely working very hard to stamp out racism in the UK. The UK is also classist even more than it is racist. And as Brian said Taiwan and the UK are VERY different.


I think it’d be fair to say there’s room for discussion about how robust the UK’s efforts, especially under the current government, to reduce racism actually are. I also think it’s fair to say that racism and classism are both present in British society.

If I were to characterize the UK, I’d probably say that it’s a bit of a mixed bag. I’d say there are some elements of the culture that are indeed working very hard on these issues, but there are also not insignificant elements of society that seems to be resisting making the UK less racist. Not at all trying to imply that the the UK is uniquely bad, the US certainly also has loads of issues, probably more issues, but for both the US and the UK, I’d say it’s more a two steps forward one step back situation than an unequivocal uninterrupted march towards reducing racism.

And obviously there are discussions to be had about the relative extent, but I’m encouraged by a lot of things in Taiwanese culture that seem to be slowly moving in a better direction, even if there are some obvious steps back and places were things haven’t moved forward. I might have misinterpreted the intent of your post, but maybe the contrast between racism in the UK and Taiwan isn’t quite as stark as how the post, at least as I read it, makes it seem?

Here are some examples of issues of racism in British society taken from a very unscientific and not comprehensiveness, but I think still illustrative, googling exercise I just did:

News Articles

Windrush scandal - Wikipedia
U.K.’s Sunak Pushes Anti-Refugee ‘Stop the Boats’ Bill
Opinion | Black Britons Know Why Meghan Markle Wants Out - The New York Times
Black Britons Wonder What Took Harry and Meghan so Long - The New York Times
After Harry and Meghan Interview, Britain Confronts 'Very Big Silence Around Race’ - The New York Times
Senior Conservatives hit out at Suella Braverman’s ‘racist rhetoric’ | Race | The Guardian

And then lest it seem like this is only about the conservative party, here’s an example from labor (the text of the CNN article also talks about problems in the labor party) : Labour strategists to press on with Sunak attack ads despite criticism | Labour | The Guardian


Seeing lots of anti-white racist and violent behavior in the UK and other Western countries in the last decade or so. That is baked into our societies already. Then you get the occasional nut job spouting off at the Polish on the subway. Its all on Twitter (X). Tune in to the ‘world of the real’ on Twitter (X)


I’m not talking about British people I’m talking about the system. There will always be racist people everywhere. We could not even begin to compare the racism of the Korean and Japanese system to say the UK. Anyway this thread is about Taiwan, I’m not sure what the UK has to do with it.
I guess we could bring India into the thread too.


It’s forbidden to talk about the system in the US as that is supposedly just pushing a Marxist ideology in disguise (CRT). Although systemic inequalities are more prevalent than actual racism in the US in my opinion. You have to be either a homeless nut job or pretty oblivious to risk to be openly racist to someone in the US. Chances of that showing up on Twitter and losing your job are high.

From what I have heard from Asian American friends the racism is the mild like “where are you really from” which I think is becoming more rare as people learn it’s wrong to assume. The racist attacks on the subway make the news but are pretty rare.


I just assumed this was baked into society now as a consequence of the woke poison that has infected nations. You can see 2 to 3 video clips on Twitter(X) daily for the last several years of African Americans brutalizing whites and Asians, stomping on their heads, near killing them. There are several accounts who just post that daily. Can’t recall the last time I saw that type of clip with the races reversed, I’m sure they’re out there

If you spend all day on Twitter you’ll become convinced that wokeism is taking over and racism is everywhere. Oh and there are random beautiful ladies that want to message you. Turn it off and walk outside!


I think there has been a concerted effort within the system to make things more and more difficult for foreigners in they UK. Case in point is visa fees. It’s probably the most relevant for us Brits in Taiwan, so here’s some data on the fee increases for spousal visas:
This might be a controversial opinion, but at least things are (glacially slowly), moving in the right direction in Taiwan, the UK seems to be sliding the other way.


Not controversial at all.

Nice try but that won’t get you a lollipop at a transgender clinic. Get with the times man, Twitter (X) is where all the action is.

Nah brah Twitter and is not the end all be all, never has been. If it is for you then I’d suggest that might be one source of mental anguish for you. The CCP is very happy that you and others have taken this view I’m sure. Real life is much better. Get out and enjoy it.

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These two POC thought they were being hilarious having stolen several vehicles and had attacked others before killing this man on a bicycle. All in good fun. Could not imagine if these were two white teenagers mowing down a black cyclist… msm would be on this for weeks but for now … crickets from msm. MSM of course dont want to mention the race of these teens as they are not white.

Oh I could list hundreds on this page, but most of them are embedded in Twitter(X), and are depressing to watch. It’s incredible the world we are living in. But hey, just carry on, relax have another bowl of Costco vanilla ice cream with shaved premium chocolate and almond flakes…sorry!

I don’t care really it’s an American thing with young people nowadays.

The defense lawyers for these two teenagers will tell us what a terrible life they have had and they are the real victims.

Some truth to that. It isn’t the most friendly place in the world. More friendly than Taiwan though. The idea of having a chin wag here and interacting with other humans just for the sake of it is probably thought of as weird.

I’ve never experienced any racism towards me in the UK.


London is fewer than 40 percent white British born. Sounds pretty multicultural to me. Not many cities like that

I like it, by the way. Just stating facts.

:joy: Where exactly in the UK do you live?

Are you using Downton Abbey as your source?


Wisbech Lincolnshire

My wife didn’t either and she lived there ten years.