Feet Problem - My heels are killing me

Hi everyone-
The situation is very simple -
My heels hurt like hell and i have no clue what can be the problem. The pain started like 2 months ago
I wear for more than 15 years the same trainers from the same brand with the same color :grin: ( always stick with the stan smith from adidas — usually change them every 3 to 5 months maximum).
I wear them in a daily basis at the office ( more formal shoes only for business and as an international sales— I am always with my trainers).
I am like 75% fit, train 3 to 4 times a week + outdoors activities… but HELL, my heels hurts.
Anyone has an idea on what can be the problem and how i can fix it?


Google plantar fasciitis.

Less walking -less time on your feet-, better padded shoes -running shoes are not meant for walking and vice versa, let the doc explain taht to you-, lots of stretching. Physical theraphy and medication are also in order. Mind you, takes time to heal, sorry for the pun.


That’s a “heel of a problem”… ba da bing… No idea what it is but I had some curious heel pain a couple years ago that eventually disappeared. Only lasted about a month and I never did figure out what caused it. Maybe a good old Chinese foot massage might help.

this i cant — don’t walk so much but i guess like 3-4 km a day
then the gym :pensive:

i have always done sport but this issue is a first for me… this sh…t is really really painful.
I have issues with doctors here— not that i don’t trust them… but kind of…
Regarding the massage no way … i am way toooo sensitive to let someone touch my feet

but doctor seems to be the only Solution, i guess

Ok, I’m going out on a limb here. I haven’t had issues with my heels, but the first thing that popped into my mind when reading your OP is your Stan Smith Adidas shoes. Those shoes dont’ really give you too much arc and may distort your feet from it’s natural motion?

I am a firm believer in having shoes for every possible occasion. For example, I don’t wear my Chuck Taylors when I go on a trip involving a lot of walking. Those shoes are horrible for your feet and can cause blisters after long wears.


the thing is that it has been maybe over 20 years wearing the same model ( i usually destroy them within 3 to 4 months).
I guess i should follow your advice which happen to be the same than my wife.
Get more shoes ---- But i hate spending money on clothes bro
i have hobbies which make me spend my $$ but shoes man…!!!

i was hoping someone comes up with a simpler solution

I guess you are right ( even if i don’t like what i am hearing)

Here is the link to the physiotherapist the_bear recommended.

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Cheers- will ask the missus to have a look at it.

You won’t be able to do those hobbies for much longer if you don’t make any adjustments. I know how you feel. I’ve been off the bike for over two weeks and can’t stand it, but for the long term, I’m taking a break to make sure I can continue to do so in the future.

However, when time comes for new shoes, I don’t get skimpy because you only have one set of feet and you need them to do pretty much every exercise known to man.

If you don’t like people touching your feet or don’t like to see doctors here, look into new shoes could be a solution, not saying they will fix your problem, but a more passive solution.

I feel the same way about seeing doctors, but here, since I have the privilege to see western and Chinese medicine, I do them back to back. I don’t rely on only one to recover from my sports injuries. So far, pretty good outcomes from seeing chiropractor, physical therapist and getting Chinese medicinal massages/adjustments (yes…cupping).

Good luck. Hope I was helfpul.

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That’s right-
we book a chiropractor for tomorrow morning - excellent dude -
and will try to rest my feet next week — doing some river activities this Sunday — prospecting stuff
cheers again bro

If it’s a chronic issue, you need to look elsewhere. It could be the tightness of your Achilles’ tendon or tightness in the muscle of the arch of you foot. Your heel takes the blunt of the force of your body weight, but it’s capable of taking the load in most cases. It’s usually when something else is not working properly around the heel that is causing your heel to overcompensate.

Try using a golf ball on the arch of your foot and stepping on it to massage it. Or stretch you Achilles using weights. And possibly even your calf muscle is too tight.

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Yes. 100% agree with this.

My issues were with my left outer knee area, but the Thai masseuse and Chinese medical doctors were all massaging my ass and upper leg. Surprisingly, it worked.

i have read that when i searched on google -
it just that i cant see when i can really be doing absolutely nothing to let rest my feet.

that is a great advice — will do so tonight

Also a cheap 500nt foot massage can help.

hummm… foot massage —
nahhh i just can’t — will be worry landing a reflex side kick in the rib cage or something like that

only thing that i can accept from the massage shops are my neck and upper back — even the lower back is wayyyy too sensitive—


I used to be that way as well. But I got used to it. But I guess for some people they just never can

May I also point out that as we age our foot arch goes down?

And our shoe size changes.

If we are lucky, we get there. :grandpa:

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Could also be walking bare foot on hard tile floors every day at home. Indoor slippers with a bit of padding help that problem a bit.

i do —
basically my day start at 6h20 and iam back at 10pm —
dont walk so much at home — just lay down like a big fat piece of ‘‘mash potato’’


You have followed up on Icon’s advice and researched plantar fasciitis, right? It’s a common problem and matches your symptoms pretty well; it basically comes from being on your feet a lot and, um, no longer being young.

I had this in one foot a couple of years ago, and it went away after five or six months. Supposedly it takes care of itself eventually, but treatment can speed up healing. I did some basic physiotherapy and stretching exercises, and spent too much money on special insoles. Who knows how much those helped. There was never a day when I thought “Hey, I’m better now!”, but rather one day I realized “Oh, I don’t think that’s bothered me in a while - cool.”

SuiGeneris, I’ve wondered about the tiles at home as well, and if that’s a factor. I do wear slippers but I don’t know how much they help, especially in the evenings when I’m working in the kitchen for a couple of hours.

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