FELLAS, do you pee more often

  • Standing up only ↑
  • Sitting down sometimes ↓

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I gotta say, I am a flex peer. Sometimes at home it is just more comfortable sitting down to take a leak. Crowded MRT bathroom situations as well, as I have noticed that too many people try to peek at my 外國 willy, and frankly that is just not cool.


Sometimes sitting down when the morning wood won’t let me pee standing up.


solid point. lol. I think that is how I got to be more comfortable (lazy?) in sitting more often tbh.

If I’m in a clean environment, I invariably sit down.

Can’t you do handstands?

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I guess it’s kind of a trade-off. More chance of splatter if you’re standing, but I find that if I sit, there can be a little dribble when I stand up…no matter how much shaking was done beforehand.

Sure, but it messes with my aim.

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you’re an EMHOer then

Yeah, it happens quite a bit. I assume I was having a spring dream, but I can never remember them.

Still getting morning wood? Congrats my man.

Not the best timing, but thanks I guess.

What’s that?


aka MW?

Modern warfare?
Well that’s one way to describe it

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Mooing Warfare in the case of you know hoo


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I sometimes sit at home. It’s a lot of effort to make it clean. And realistically no matter what you do there will be splattered particles of your piss going everywhere when you pee standing up that you might not see.

You don’t have a balcony?

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The back alley already smells bad enough.

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If I’m ever standing at a urinal peeing more often, because I take advantage of every opportunity, which is also more healthy to clean out your bladder especially if you’re in a KTV for 6 hours and she took you into the oh wait

And a stranger says hi “FELLA”.

Well that’s going to make it much more difficult to finish peeing, more often.