FIFA World Cup 2018

Well, that should go in the German forum then, and we could discuss in German too. Maybe a Fußball topic?

stupid question, how can I find the German forum?


Since I can watch them from a safe distance, of course.

I am. Since my early teens. Sadly my wife is not into Football. I tried to become a fan but to no avail.

I hope they will join our league. I don’t like the HIV but i hope they can sort out their problems in 2nd league

@Fei-Fan: As I mentioned. We, my wife and I, have lived in Hamburg (Sternschanze) for many years and we are both members of the club and still own season tickets. (Sorry @hannes) I don’t want to have St. Ellingen in “OUR” league :wink:

Fussball topic opened in the German forum. :sunglasses:

… And whats about my Panini stickers. Nobody here? :disappointed_relieved:

Unfortunately, nope. :sob:

Back in teh day, there wpuld be a giant screen say at Breeze Center. If they could put one say near ATT Fun, that would be the bee’s knees.

Blue Rooster Bistro Maji will show all games live from round 16 up.

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Taiwan will win.

Yep. Taiwan #1.

I’m pulling for a dark horse champion in Belgium.

Taiwan is currently facing suspension from the World Cup for game fixing dating back to a friendly with Guam in 2016.

Taiwan is in the fifa wc 2018?

They are not in it-_-


No of course not, qualification for the following one. Possibly Asian Cup qualifying too.

Sorry, I meant “Chinese Taipei #1!”

No one mentioned Beer Geek for a place to watch games?

Recently saw an FB post and they are adding screens just for the increase in traffic for the World Cup.

Shh, we don’t want the riff-raff going there. The place can only hold about 40.

Gaucho will have the Argentina /Iceland game on. Make reservations early.
Maji Square
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