FIFA World Cup 2018



Sighh… Ms Taitung and I watched a lot of her tournaments back around 2011/2012 at the height of her peak, before her big implosion.
Interestingly, we jokingly (though sometimes think seriously) that her career plummeted once she started “hanging” around with the clan of 黑人.


Completely understand.

I actually like bowling on tv. Also darts, pool and snooker, Olympic curling. Tennis, too - as long as there isn’t any excessive grunting/squealing/sceeching with each shot (looking at you M Sharapova) (not that way). I find it soothing.


Go France!


How can someone say Ice hockey is exciting and Soccer boring, when the scores usually are roughly the same by the end (unlike Basketball in which each team can rack up a hundred points)? The only edge you could possibly give hockey is that there’s more likely to be a violent brawl that breaks out, and then what does that say about yourself? :thinking:

Anyway, soccer is great. I think Americans can’t get into it, because it’s the one sport Americans really suck at. If the US team started reaching the semi-finals then everyone in the country would suddenly become a huge soccer fan.


Did anyone follow the semi final of Wimbledon between Kevin Anderson and John Isner?
Watched the 3rd and 4th set and thought it was really good, but as expected, since both have huge serves, the 5th set went to last forever, Anderson won 26-24 after 6 hours and 36 minutes.


@semmanuel, I think your GPS is a bit off.
Take a left turn at St. Petersburg. Fly over the nordic countries, and land in London.

Wimbledon 2018


Fair enough but I read posts about baseball and basketball here :slight_smile:
Nadal and Djokovic are battling hard today, Nadal as usual playing like his life depends on it. Love this guy. Better than Federer in my book.

And back on topic, Allez Les bleus! I cannot see how France can lose to Croatia.


France will lose.
Croatia has 2 mountains of a leader behind the team


Oh come on I really don’t think so unless they choke mentally.
Croatia with 3 consecutive extra time, that wont do them any favor.


France is the heavy favorite, but anything could happen. I’d say Croatia has a 25% chance of winning.


Wow, nice quick goal by Belgium. Nice passing


Great cross by Lukaku. Even better pass set him up for that cross.

ETA: Actually Lukaku made that great pass. Chadli made the cross.


Belgium look shit hot so far.


England’s midfield has stiffened up in the last 5 minutes.


Like a corpse ?


More like a wall. At least Belgium are no longer running through them as if England were a field of mannequins.


I’m kidding, belgium have all the possession . Look like a typical continental side but fast on the break . In this form they should have been in the final.


What a block by Belgium in the 70th minute. Right on the goal line.


Hazard in the 81st minute, after several long runs at England Belgium finally get through.

Belgium 2-0 England


Game over good enjoyable game