Fika Fika (Swedish) in Kaohsiung, lunch date at Ikea-Kaohsiung

Local Ikea-Kaoshuing pack full for lunch today, had NT$800 lunch date for two, not so cheap (compared to Euro ones)!


A good place for lunch! Although I much prefer the fresh meatballs at Ural Forest.

Did ya?

Those cakes look nice! I don’t often eat cakes, but when I do, I like them to be proper ones. Anyone know if this is standard fare for Ikea or something unique to Kaoshiung?

Pretty much the same as IKEA in the US.

When is an Ikea restaurant not packed for lunch or dinner? And after lunch/dinner nap time!

They are globally all the same, frozen.

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Menu is quite different from Europe or Japan other than common meat balls? There was beef steak on the menu (NT$400+) as well Japanese grilled eel (did not remember seeing this outside of Taiwan. My friend, she had Salmon which she said was “OK”

You can sit there (We sat a very short time for fun), though no tables for the cake& coffee/drinks (Fika). Nice chair to sit close to someone you like haha

oh :frowning:

Maybe not as nice as they look, then.

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Cake, the lemon (for her, she said good), mine (Choco) was ok. The lemon is made locally (had a label with shop), mine Frozen.


But did ya Fika? :wink:

(no need to answer as what happens in Ikea stays in Ikea)

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Oh really? I had never noticed that.

In Japan I miss the Ikea Pub food items like Fish and Chips, less beer choices in Taiwan

[テイクアウトメニュー | IKEA【公式】 - IKEA]

Also nice flat bread rolls

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I don’t know why but the foods at IKEA felt light, even the soup was light.

Costco food on the other hand felt heavy.

That is why god invented 7-11 and Hi-Life and the rest. :grin:


too much a public place to do anything, the cafe was full so lots of people can see you… so what happens will NOT stay in Ikea haha

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Ok, took me a minute, so not connected to taiwan Fika Fika coffee shops.


No it is not connected. :joy:


How is the view?

The view here is fantastic for a date.