Filing Taxes in 2022

If filing taxes online I understand we go to this site:

But where do we get this 查詢碼 number from?

Also, what’s the difference between 外僑統一證號 and 居留證號?

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Found this info online:

  • 於財政部電子申報繳稅服務網以自然人憑證、健保卡、電子憑證或行動電話認證於線上取得查詢碼
  • 於國稅局臨櫃申請查詢碼。
  • 若適用稅額試算者,在其所收到之稅額試算通知書首頁已附印查詢碼(免赴國稅局申請)。
  • 於四大便利超商(統一、全家、OK、萊爾富)多媒體資訊機以自然人憑證或已註冊之健保卡驗證身分後,即可取得查詢碼。
  • 納稅義務人可於網路報繳稅軟體登錄該查詢碼及其個人資料(身分證統一編號、戶口名簿戶號、出生年月日)驗證身分後,即可下載所得及扣除額等課稅資料。

Machine translation:

  • Obtain the enquiry code online with the natural person certificate, health insurance card, electronic certificate or mobile phone authentication from the Ministry of Finance’s Electronic Filing and Tax Payment Service Network.
  • Apply for an inquiry code at the IRS counter.
    If the trial tax calculation is applicable, the enquiry code has been printed on the front page of the tax trial calculation notice received (exemption from applying to the IRS).
  • The inquiry code can be obtained after verifying the identity with the natural person certificate or the registered health insurance card at the multimedia information kiosk of the four convenience supermarkets (Uni-President, FamilyMart, OK, Lai Erfu).
  • Taxpayers can log in to the online tax declaration software and log in to the inquiry code and their personal information (identity card uniform number, account number, date of birth) to verify their identity, and then download tax information such as income and deductions.

However, the first option to do this online is only available for Taiwan nationals, not foreigners.

How are the rest of you guys getting this number?

@Andrew you mentioned you did your taxes online, how do you do it?

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I didn’t do any of that stuff last year. I was trying to remember recently, but I can’t recall whether I used my NHI card or my Alien Citizen Digital Certificate last year. Will try and update over the next couple of days when I log in again.


I might try and go to family mart in a minute with my NHI card and try to do it. No idea if this is available for foreigners though…

Don’t know if it helps, but this is the login screen:

I remember reading the stuff last year about needing to go to a convenience store for a code or something. I definitely didn’t do that. I don’t remember if I used my NHI card and “registered first in Internet”, but the file saved on my computer is an .NTK file not an .NTU file (no idea why that would depend on the ID used - maybe just a typo?). I know that I’ve registered my NHI card online at least once (for ordering masks and stuff), but the process was so confusing I must have immediately repressed the memory after bungling my way through.

If you definitely need to go to a convenience store to use your NHI card, I suspect I would just have used my Alien Citizen Digital Certificate… :man_shrugging:

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So, I believe this is a different system for filing than what I linked above. This is the program that you download and stick either your NHI card or digital citizen certificate into the card reader, right? This is what I used years and years ago when attempting to file online.Maybe it could work for me now, but I don’t have a Windows PC, only Mac right now, hopefully it will still work.

Can you link to the software?

Btw I just went to family mart and found the option, but it asks for your NHI card password, which I don’t have.

Yes, that’s right. No idea why they decided to use different methods for Windows vs. Mac. It’s almost as though they intentionally decided to complicate things…

The link is here:

Maybe you can see what happens with that “Inquiry Code Online Download” link?

There are user guides for both the offline and online versions at the bottom of that page as well (in Chinese).

So it looks like you can’t use the installed application if you are on Mac, only the web portal.

The web portal for Mac only gives you the following options:

So I can’t do the 2nd option since I don’t have a valid Digital Citizen Certificate anymore.

I have no idea what the 3rd option is.

And the 4th option is what I tried already, which requires that 查詢碼 access code.

The first option is promising, because all I’d need is NHI card, and the password. As mentioned above I don’t have an NHI card password, but there is a link to reset your NHI password, by sticking your NHI card in a card reader, and the site has a download for Mac, so looks promising.

So, I’m gonna take a gamble and go out and buy a card reader.

After that I’ll reset my password, then try the first option (health insurance card + password)

If it doesn’t work, then at least I can use the card reader with my new Digital Citizen Certificate when I finally get it

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Yeah, I think you should try the first option as well.

I also had to buy a card reader, then realized that my desktop computer already has one. :man_facepalming:


Got myself a card reader at 7-11 for $259.

It specially says for filing taxes on the box, and is supposed to work with windows, Mac, and Linux.


New update…

So I tried to reset my NHI password since I have no idea what it is, or if I’ve ever set one?

Well, I put my NHI card in, started filling out the form… but, the form autofills the ID number from the NHI card (which still has my old ID number) and doesn’t let you change it, but asks you to fill in info like issue date and expiry date of your current ARC… Problem is, the info doesn’t match and it spits out an error. I wonder if I put my old ARC (already expired) issue and expiry date in it would work… That’s the next step

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Nope it didn’t… Damn. I guess NIA were wrong about us not needing to update our NHI cards

I wonder if we use the Windows version, do we still need to enter the NHI card password?

I might be able to install the tax app on my work PC xD

Hmmm…looks like you’ll be going to the tax office on Monday as you originally planned then…

I guess you could try going to NIA as well, to start the process of getting a new Alien Digital Citizen Certificate. That didn’t work well for me and required a couple of visits (plus a week or two to get the card)…but maybe they’ve improved the process by now. (Feel free to read some sarcasm into that statement if you like…)


Yep, I plan to hit the tax office to submit my return… (hopefully they don’t need to scan my NHI card), then hit NHI offices to apply for a new NHI card, and finally the NIA to get the digital citizen certificate

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It’ll probably be easier for you because you speak Chinese, but NIA issued me a code that didn’t work on the MOICA website (twice) and the customer service line for the digital certificate didn’t have English service. IIRC, they fixed it pretty fast when I got someone else to call.

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I remember having a similar issue when I got my first digital citizen certificate about 4 years ago

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Oh my god my wife just saved me. I figured it out, well she did.

So… I was dumb. I actually knew my NHI card password this whole time, I just didn’t connect it in my brain. The NHI password is the same password we use for the NHI app… Which although I can’t use anymore, I do remember what it is, and I just tried to log in and it works.

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That’s good! What was the solution then?