Filipino or Sunday bars down south?

Do Tainan or Kaohsiung have bars where Filipinos hang out on Sundays? Maybe even a district of them like in Zhongshan in Taipei?

Barring that, any other recommendations for any bars that are open during the day on Sundays?

Try around Holy Rosary Cathedral Minor Basilica (1 of the 2 in Taiwan), and the oldest catholic church of Taiwan. It is the Kaohsiung Catholic Diocese’s cathedral. It is located in Lingya District, very close to the Love River and to Central Park.
Wait until the english mass ends and the Filipinos parade out to see where they go. Central Park usually is one place as not far away.


Wait - there are bars around the Catholic church?

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Catholics drink too

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Yeah, right. Next thing you’ll claim is they use tinder as well :sideeye:

But seriously, I would have expected the bars to be out if sight from a church. Sure many drunk, but I’d assume they don’t want to be seen to go straight from mass to drinking…

Mass to drinking is better than drinking then mass I would imagine

Although it might make mass go smoother like a dacqureie (can’t spell )

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Just ask the Irish


Exactly ever hear of Irish whiskey ?
Funny I don’t hear of catholic whiskey

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Looks like you’ve never heard of the Combat Zone in Taipei

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Or Taiwan itself. There’s no zoning here. Churches and bars can be anywhere.

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Sure, but I only arrived in 2008, not much going on there any more. Funny to see tons of business cards of current and former co-workers pinned above the counter in Malibu West.

Didn’t notice the church(es?) there :thinking: probably wasn’t paying attention, though.

No idea what “zoning” is or where it is practiced, but I was only referring to what I imagined might be an issue: patrons maybe not wanting to be seen by pious Catholics when going straight from mass to bar.

Sure there is, though it’s more commonly just called Zhongshan now. It’s where Filipinos go to church and then to the bars and restaurants every Sunday. It’s actually pretty busy some Sundays. That’s why I was asking if there is a similar area down south.

There’s a Catholic Church right there on Zhongshan with masses in English, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and who knows what else. Other churches nearby, too.

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Is that how it works in Germany? Having grown up Catholic and having known Catholics from all over the world I’ve never known any who had a problem with drinking or being seen drinking. It’s generally part of the culture. You might be thinking of Mormons or Fundamentalist/Evangelical Christians? Or Muslims?

Zoning exists nearly everywhere, including Taiwan. (It just seems like it doesn’t here sometimes.) It refers to what types of businesses, residences, etc. are allowed to operate in any given area. It’s the only thing that would prevent bars from existing near churches.

There’s the Cijin Sunset Bar at the beach on Cijin Island. It opens early afternoon. I’ve seen some Pinays hanging there on weekends.
You could schmooze with the Pinays after Sunday mass and invite them to go there with you. Easy walk to the ferry from a KMT Orange Line stop.


Any specific bars near Central Park that you’re referring to? Thanks.

Thanks— Yep, I’m a regular there. It’s just about the only daytime bar in Kaohsiung anymore. Beer Talk used to open at noon but no longer, and Oxford used to have a Sunday brunch, but also no longer, I believe.

Not sure about Tainan.

Not really interested in “schmoozing” or following people from church. Just looking for a Sunday bar scene in the south and figured the SE Asian workers would be the most likely to have one.

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In Taipei, years ago, used to be Zhongshan North road area and Combat Zone.

Now, Taipei is gentrified, so little to no bars with much happening. Church, shipping packages home, etc. Yes.

Taoyuan and especially Zhongli near train stations a couple bars each are full and fun on Sundays.

Still is on Sundays, hence my post. Lots of Filipina domestic workers in gentrified Taipei. Farmhouse and B52 in particular get hopping, but several others in that area too.

With apologies, I’m going to disagree.

8-10 aunties and a few male Bangladeshi construction workers at B52 or a couple hours of a couple tables at Farmhouse is not what I consider “hopping”.

Meanwhile, Zhongli could have 100-150 or people or more dancing, listening to live music, in multiple areas, in just one club having fun like a Friday night club, but on Sunday afternoon.

We’ve apparently not been on the same Sundays. I regularly see 100-150 dancing at B52 from afternoon to late night, with plenty of young Filipino/as. Haven’t seen the Bangladeshi construction workers of which you speak, but I’ll keep an eye out! :rofl: The Auntie crowd tends to pack Moonlight, where it can be impossible to even get a seat or standing room at the bar. Farmhouse, which is huge, is also often standing room only and elbow-to-elbow with an all-ages crowd.

I’m talking Sundays only, of course. That area is fairly dead any other time, especially without the flight crews and fewer western engineers and business people since Covid.

Of course Taoyuan is going to get the factory worker crowd, but many of them come into Taipei on Sundays, too. I’m sure as hell not going clear out there on a Sunday just for hopping bars.

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