Finding my daughter's father

hi! everyone, just new to this site.
Can anyone suggest on how can I find the person i’m looking for in Taipei? or to where office I can ask for help?

Go to the Police. IF you have the guys ID number it would help.

You’ll need to provide a LOT more information about your situation if you want any meaningful replies.
No need to include names or addresses or anything, but the only advice you’re likely to get from what you posted is “try the police station,” which is not very helpful.

Do you know who he is?

Does he want to be found?

Are you looking for your husband?

Are you looking for your ex-husband?

Did you lose your S.O. in Snake Alley last night?

Did you have a one-night stand with some passing stranger?

Did you adopt your girl, and you have no idea who the father may be?

Are you in Taiwan at the moment, or could you easily come to Taiwan to search for him?

You don’t have to tell us that his initials are W.W. or whatever, but more info would get you better responses.

Just n case, I’ve been firing nothing but blanks since that mishap back in 1990, possibly long before that, depending on the age of said daughter.


Now we’re getting somewhere!

One man eliminated already.

And me. IF shes younger then 9 and she was conceived in Taiwan, it wasnt me, cuz I wasnt there. But if shes older then 9 and it was unforgetable then perhaps it could be me and you should send a pic?

haha just kidding. But if we had a bit more details we could possibly put our collective heads together and come up with a halfway decent plan?

NOW I understand, she doesn’t have a daughter yet.

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my daugther is 3 years old now. I have worked in Taipei last Oct. 2004-Oct. 2005, i went back in the Philippines because i got pregnant. I dont have the address of his biological father. He was a real state agent but i dont have any contact with him. Is it possible i could find him again? hope you can advice me. thanks!

I bet a lot of us would love to help, and you’ve given a city, one year time frame, and an occupation, but that’s still not enough to go on. However, there MAY be someone who could get a listing of realators in Taipei for you, but that would have to be hundreds of businesses, and untold numbers of employees. Plus, if he knew you were pregnant when you left, I doubt he wants to be found, and that will not make anything easier. Not to mention the fact that if this guy is Taiwanese, looking on a foreigner oriented website is like asking a nun for advice about bars. BUT–this IS a very special group of foreigners, so maybe you’ll catch a break.

I’m just writing 'cause I wish I could actually do something to help you out, but can’t.

chenee, you do have the father’s full name in Chinese, right? Presumably you could hire a private investigator, give them that information, and let them look for you. So perhaps you need the contact information for a PI?

YOur daughter’s father is Taiwanese so that means she can claim Taiwanese citizenship. Dont know where you are presently? If in the Phillippines, talk to the Taiwanese govt mission there. Shes entitled to Taiwanese citizenship by virtue of her father being Taiwanese. You may have to prove that though. Good luck.

thanks, for your advice and suggestions. Yes, his a Taiwanese. I’m here in the Philippines right now. so maybe what I should do is find a job in taipei again and probably look for him. I know there’s a lot to be done, i hoping that in God’s time i will be meeting him again. God bless…

hello, can i ask again? would it be fine if i’m searching for my daugther’s father even he does’nt know that i’m pregnant when i left taiwan? i’m a bit confused.

Me, too. So, he didn’t know you were pregnant when you left, and I guess he has no idea he has a child? Are you asking if it’s okay to find him–what, morally?

I think it depends on your relationship with this man and your motives for finding him again. I’m guessing the relationship didn’t work out before. I can’t imagine why it would be any better now. However, if he was basically a good man, you may feel that he as a right to know that he’s a father, and that’s valid. I would caution you not to find him if your only real motivation is financial. You don’t have to listen to me, of course, and it’s only my opinion. You have to do what you have to do to raise your child.

But chances are that he will be shocked if he did not know you were pregnant when you left. Especially if he’s married, was before, or is now, this will be a tremendous shock and he may not react positively. Just think things through carefully before you make up your mind.

I wish I could do more to help you find him, but I can’t. Dragon Bones’ advice about a private investigator is good, especially since you can’t look for yourself now. I don’t know what else anyone is going to be able to do for you, but maybe something will turn up.

Good luck and be careful.

Speaking just for myself , if I was a father to some child I would want to know.

so, after 3 years, you want to find him? :ohreally:


yes, after 3 years. now i want to find him. not for anything else but for my daugther. now she’s wondering where is her father 'coz everyone she knows have a papa. she’s too young to understand now but definitely when the right time comes she will understand.

You should pursue it for all kinds of reasons, but you’ve not made the task any easier by offering so very few facts.


I mean, shame to admit it but the only fact i know is his name, i only have his contact number but i’m not sure if its still working? He told me his a real state agent and have an office in taipei in San min road and in taoyuan. but i,m not sure if its all true. His name is Chung Pang. but as i was browsing in internet there are a lot of names like his name. Hiring a PI is good suggestion but as of now I cannot afford that. Just resort to this forum, maybe i can have options and comments on how u view my situation.