First container-built Starbucks in Taiwan to open in Hualien

In Huilanwan area.

Same shit coffee


it may seem like a good idea to recycle shipping containers, but considering the summer heat and humidity, those tin cans in Taiwan is gonna need even more energy for cooling than the regular old concrete blocks…


Cool I’m going to open a starbucks in a tarpaulin tent next !

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Yeah always thought they are a very poor choice for habitation as hot and too narrow.
Just get a mobile prefab wooden/plasterboard house and it would be much nicer !

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Stayed in a B&B near Sun Moon Lake which was constructed from old shipping containers, complete disaster! Most of it had a massive mold problems behind the interior “walls” and false ceiling due to condensation. Turning on the aircon was the only way to make the interior temp and humidity semi bearable however the outside unit was mounted on the steel container so the whole container vibrated and thrummed. Was booked for 3 nights but left after 1.

I believe all iron corrugated dwellings in Taiwan should be banned. It is a good idea to recycle containers, but iron is not suitable for human or animals to live, sleep and eat inside.

Of all the green and environmental friendly options available, containers are not it.


Those containers near 101 at Commune A7 pop-up restaurant area look like they’re pretty useful.

why did they think taiwan would be suitable for this? it might be a ‘cool’ gimmick elsewhere but 80% of the buildings here already have some form of corrugated iron used on them.

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Did anyone post a picture from the first container-built binlang (betel nut) joint?

Use a ‘Reefer’ instead, insulated, aluminum-stainless steel, including the cooling unit.


Probably cuz they’re so cheap and just laying around and Starbucks in Taiwan is owned by a Taiwanese.

Wow, you can fit a lot of reefer in that container!

Every time someone mentions any corrugated iron dwelling, I remember the guy who said the world was coming to an end and bought this huge property in Nantou I think -with his followers’ money- and like 800 containers, filling like only 2 of them with pao mien and assorted necessities and sat down to wait for the final hour…

So there are a lot of unused containers lying around.

This one, in case you do not remember/were not here:

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I guess the bottom two floors are used for business, the top two as storage for cups and coffee beans! It’s an ‘art work’, a gimmick. Wait until the first typhoon arrives. It’s just useless the way it’s laid-out and constructed, you don’t have oversight of what’s going on in your store!


Are they ready for this?

container cops

They also already have container-built 7-11s around.

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That’s at least better.

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But again, not quake nor typhoon proof.

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