First date etiquette in Taiwan on splitting bill

I definitely paid tip at the Yen! Though I paid with my international credit card. The tip is optional but if they give you a receipt to sign, there is a tip field

Also there’s a 10% service fee - it says on the menu too:

I once brought flowers to a cute girl on a blind date. I’d only seen her photo. I had in my car a tablecloth, matches and candles with me and took this cute blonde to McDonald’s. I thought McDonald’s would hassle me about the candles but they didn’t. She loved it; we went straight back to her place


With moves like that you may need to get a new user name.

Or perhaps you’re just happy flying under the radar. :grin:


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Your “international credit card” :joy:

You previously wrote:

Service fees are normal in Taiwan. If you’re given the opportunity to tip, it’s voluntary. No establishment charges you a service fee and a tip, as you stated.

You’re slipping Jim Bob.


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I have been to French restaurant in Kaoshuing, NT$10,000+ for 3, with wine and service change, so it’s possible (to be fair I think the wine was NT$3,000+, did not check the details or price very well)

Yea that’s in the realm of really high class stuff. Probably real exclusive too and requires advanced booking of months.

Advanced booking yes, semi private meal. Will not go back not worth the price to me. Food was ok, but not great. Better just eat in France haha. It was not a first date (I would never do this on a first date)., I was with a local long time friend and French-American visitor. My local friend, she was also not impressed. The next trip when Frenchie came, we had local dumplings and local wine at 10% of the cost and it just more enjoyable and relaxing.

Never take “foreigners” out to a .”foreign” restaurant here…, as you say… eating cheap dumplings is exotic enough to wow them

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If you want an expensive restaurant, check out 牛爸爸, $500 USD per bowl of beef noodle soup

But I did take my local Taiwanese friend on Pizza dinner date, she (and I did too)like it in DongGuan, Pingtung/Kaoshuing.

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Because she was local

If a dinner date cost is over $70 for a biandang, that’s stretching my budget.

This would be interesting, since you need a place eat it like home?? I never had a first date start at home.

I’m not Taiwanese, but Chinese American. Yes, everyone is supposed to try to pay, because otherwise you’re just freeloading. But the one with the most “face”/status is supposed to pay, like the family matriarch/patriarch, boss, etc. (Obviously there are exceptions, like if it’s your first paycheck and you’re treating your parents.) Some will even arrange it before dinner/while making the reservation.

So if you’re a “manly man”/someone in charge of your own life, you should figure out a way to pay. Some women care and some don’t. I’m not Taiwanese, so can’t say how many Taiwanese women would care.