First time Buying a Bicycle - Negotiate Price a thing?

Hi all, just curious if I should try to negotiate on the price when I shop for a bicycle here in Taiwan. I’m planning on going to my local Giant store first but if they don’t have what I’m looking for, I’ll hit some other shops. The last time I bought a bike was in America and I remember there was some wiggle room on the price but don’t want to offend the shopkeeper if this isn’t a thing here.

Thanks for any insight and a happy CNY!

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If you are in Taipei, be sure to check out these guys:


You can negotiate. They will probably be willing to reduce the price and/or give you some accessories for free. Your room depends on the price of the bike and their margin, obviously. I’m not sure if here it is a thing to reduce the price more for previous year bikes.


Thank you!

I second that, good service fair prices.

Giant will give you a certain amount of “spending money” on accessories if you buy from them. So let’s say you paid $20,000 on a bike, you might get $1,000 worth of accessories free from the store (so a 5% discount). A responsible store will also measure you to help you find the right size bike and set it up to accommodate your height for free (not a full fitting mind you). Another thing to keep in mind is that the shop will service your bike (minor tuning, tweaking, etc.) for free in the future if you bought the bike from them. So it’s a good idea to buy from a shop close to where you live.


I received 10% off a Giant bike without negotiating (end of 2021) but it was a pretty high-end bike. I believe 5-10% is generally what you can expect at most Giant stores, but I think it can depend on the cost of the bike as the range of prices is quite large.

I would scope out your 2-3 closest Giant stores to get an idea…and also check out or other Taiwan shopping websites to see the general price of the bike model you want.

I know for low to mid-range bikes the ‘market’ for bicycles is going to be an over-supply as the bike-boom has come to an end, but not sure if it would affect Taiwan as much as it would Western countries.

Certainly if you don’t have a huge preference on the model you could ask if they have any bikes that are “on sale” to give them an idea that you are looking for a ‘deal’.

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Great idea, thank you so much!

Great advice. I have a Giant shop not too far from my apartment so that will be my first stop.

And if you like to play with your own bike, I recommend Icetoolz tools for the bike specific tools and King Tony for the general tools. Both are Taiwanese brands and quite good quality/price ratio.


Good to know! I’ve got some basic knowledge of bicycle maintenance but will definitely learn as I go and will need the right tools.