Taipei Bike Works - Expat owned Bicycle Shop

Hello everyone, if you’re looking for an English speaking bike shop in Taipei, check out my new shop location Taipei Bike Works.

We specialize in guided city bicycle tours, touring around Taiwan, bicycle service and vintage bicycle parts.

I have 5 years experience as a bicycle mechanic in Texas. I can service and locate parts for just about any component and rebuild nearly any shifter, or hub; vintage or modern.

We are also a great hub for cycling around Taiwan. I can help inform you about what routes to take when going around and how to plan and prepare for the trip. I have a line of bicycles ready to rent with everything you need to get around.

We also hold a Social Ride the first Saturday of every month starting at our shop. People can show up on any bicycle and we ride a big loop, play games and give out cool prizes for the winners. We average 40-60 people each month.

Let me know how I can help.


Great will check it out. Do you have these kind of conference bikes for group tours?



Haha wow! Sadly not yet. But we do have a tall bike that we ride weekly through the city. Everyone is welcome to try when they stop by.


I’d like to buy an electric pedal assist bike. What do you have? Also, do you have any XL-sized helmets in stock?

@ttwan living my dream, bud. Enjoy and good luck


Hello, at this time we do not carry any electric bikes or pedal assisted bikes. But we do carry helmets, lights, and accessories. We are also a dealer for Performer bikes now. You’re welcome to come by and check out the location!

A sample of some of the vintage bikes we have on hand currently. I also have a handful of frames ready to be built up.
image image image image


Rebuilding cassette bodies and fixing seized shifter assemblies. These are repairs most other shops will not do.
image imageimage


Cool. Do you have any XL sized helmets? If so I’ll be over in a jiffy!

Do you have a suggestion for replacement or McGyver hack for a cracked lever hood? I over-torqued on the handlebar clamp and one of my 105 levers cracked about 1 1/2" inches up.

We carry bell, giro and HJC helmets. We are still moving locations so our stock is very low right now. I can order a few helmets in now so you can try them on if you like.

Depends how bad the crack is and where it is on the shifter body. My best advice is to order a new one, it may be difficult however due to the pandemic as replacement parts from shimano are back ordered up to 4 months. The alternative is I can fully tear it down and epoxy the crack for you but there are no haute tees. It’s best to take a look in person or send photos.

Thanks. I just got my bar tape the way I want it and it’s usable for now. Next time I take it off I’ll take pics.

Sounds like the crack is not that bad, be careful on decent, wouldn’t want that shifter falling off at high speed!

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To be honest I’m pretty indifferent to makes/models. Just as long as it fits the ol’ noggin. I’ll try and be over later in the week. Thanks!

One more question… If I were to buy one of those fancy Giant electric bikes would you be able to take it apart and ‘box it’ so I can fit it in checked luggage on a plane (shipping the battery would be a bitch, so I’d just procure one one site where ever I fly to)

Absolutely, we can do that for you no problem. We may even have a box for you as well.

Would you happen to know what size in CM is your head?

Hello, I just got an updated supplier catalog in for the new season and we now carry some pedal assist bicycles from KREX!

OK great. Pricing?