First time in Taiwan

What area and price did you settle on?

Tamsui, right on the strait - 18k incl management fees. for a short 2 room place. like those loft style bedrooms where you can’t be NBA player tall. 1 is proper bedroom and the other is a study / bedroom. but came furnished. and landlord was nice to put in microwave when I asked for one.


For home internet, what are folks around here using. Since I came, I have been using my quarantine line with unlimited data. And yeah, having real unlimited data is nice. Should I just stick with my phone and be hotspotting throughout. Problem is my plan ends in a day, since the quarantine prepaid line was only 30 days for 1k NT. And I’m also worried, that if cell towers get congested what happens to speed etc. not that I have experienced a data slowdown so far in the month I have been here. and I mostly work night-time hours. My data needs are usually downloading vm images, streaming videos | music, virtual meetings. downloading game pass games n playing rogue company occasionally with my buddies in the us.

I used to pay for broadband but cancelled it around two years ago and now only use tethering. It’s good enough for Netflix, YouTube etc but probably not great if you’re a gamer or needs low ping and high speed.

Make sure your provider have strong coverage where you want to use it.

Compare prices and coverage in your area.

For house lines with wi fi and ethernet, you can have Chunghwa Telecom or your local cable company. Compare and test speeds.

Same for cellphone plans. Compare. Shop around. We usually stick to the large companies like Chunghwa or Far Eastern since the coverage is larger. You can get a plan with a new phone, if you want to change models or want 5G. You got your choice from 699 to 2000 plus NTD.

BTW, as a foreigner, you have to go to main offices, not authorized retailer. That means no SENAO, for example. Take passport and any id like ARC if you already have it.

saw this pretty late. when my quarantine line was already cut off. for mobile ended up with FarEastOne the one I had with quarantine line. paying 498 monthly. but had to pay deposit.
For home wifi, landlord is helping me with some pointers but he’s also confused, about same things. to his own admission Taiwanese have a tendency to oversell.

during quarantine I connected my xbox to my phone. playback wasn’t bad. given I was playing rogue company. yeah at times, latency sucked, but then also I was previously used to playing the game on a 4k tv. and was now playing on my 1080p monitor that I travel with and use for work. that’s my current debate at the moment, tethering seems enough, but then do I need to be turning it on everytime or pay 300 monthly for the convenience of having home wifi lol

If you’re gaming, definitely go with a hardline. That’s a no brainer for any gamer, anywhere!

I’ve gone the route of tethering my phone and it sometimes gets annoying. Nothing beats hardline!

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