Flights cancelled as China Airlines pilots strike (February 2019)



Perfect timing to go on strike !

Flights cancelled as China Airlines pilots strike, after Taiwanese firm’s chiefs fail to meet demands for more rest time

  • Union said it had no choice after managers failed to satisfy demands to improve their working conditions
  • Pilot strike likely to cause severe disruption to passengers

26 China Airlines flights canceled due to pilot strike

Taiwan’s China Airlines pilot union says it is preparing for strike

Union could call strike at any time

2019 China Airlines pilot strike

They need more rest not more money. So many accidents are happening on roads and rails due overtired drivers.


good for them.


What is china airlines doing? When your pilots are saying they need more rest time that’s a bad look on safety if you don’t do it. I don’t want to fly with a bunch of tired worn out pilots.


One would imagine that there must be CAA guidelines on maximum hours . So at this stage I’m not sure if their demands are reasonable or if China airlines are abusing the rules ? But yes, safety issues are not things to compromise on in that line of business .


The Taipei Times weighs in:



Flying to Tokyo in 3 days. Wife wanted to get China Air. I preferred ANA, which is generally more comfortable, but a little pricier. She was a bit huffy about that, but now she’s damn glad she lost that one.


There doesn’t seem to be a thread on this recent on-going event. I’m just wondering if there are people familiar with the industry who can share some thoughts on the issue.

The CA pilots’ guild has been demanding for some changes since 2018. Only two of its original 21 demands were addressed in previous negotiations, but the progress for the rest has been slow.

So over the Spring festival, the guild condensed their demands down to just 5, but the Airlines didn’t form a response quickly enough, so the guild announced to enter a strike on 2/8, 4 days into the long holiday, disrupting travel plans for many.


From the chart provided by Apple,the CA pilots are demanding for crew and positioning crew deployment to follow US regulation.

They reason that, even though the current deployment is not breaking the law, in practise the crews aren’t getting enough rest.


If they only have 3 flight crew for a 12 hour flight, each crew’s rest time becomes fragmented.

The guild also demands for 1 month of guaranteed bonus for guild members only.

I am wondering if their demands are reasonable for people familiar with the industry.

Also, is the hostility from Taiwan’s public rare or common for similar strikes across the world?

Finally, not all CA pilots participated in the strike. Even some guild members refused to take part in the strike. Is that normal in most countries?


all i can say is scratch another airline off the list…


Problem is you cannot talk sense to airline owners. International conventions -which are in effect for a reason’ they simply do not know what is that. they refuse to follow international practices…because it would hurt their bottom line.

Again, we have the usual Taiwan dilemma: how to compete while keeping costs down?

I have been away from the biz since I got here, but I remember back then that I was told the airport here was a disaster and that the local airlines overworked their people, which is a big red flag for safety issues. US standards are not teh ideal and if they even refuse to accept that… it is a big issue.


I was going to use China for a flight next week, but it’s a guess to know if SE Asian flights will be badly hit or not. Their flying times to some destinations are much better than Eva …and generally cheaper by a margin…sigh .


The opposition already accusing the government of not being at the side of the workers because the DPP is busy in political campaign, choosing next year’s elections contestants.

There is so much mudslinging that it has come to light EVA crews have it worse: worse schedules, worse salaries, than China Airlines. Apparently the reason they do not go on strike is…government intervention.

For example CAL pilots have more days off…but apparently there are optional days, when the airline can call them anytime to work.


Not sure if this has more detail ?


That doesn’t look too bad tbh. Not GREAT, but it’s not like, awful.

Not that I’m against the strike though. Strikes happen everywhere (and people get angry everywhere as well). Big deal.


Dude these planes fly themselves… the pilots are all just part of a fancy dress show to make us feel all warm and fuzzy :slight_smile:


What other airlines are on the list?




What airline do you even fly then? Ryanair?


I recently flew Tiger Air, Air Asia and Vanilla Air.

All of them were great except Vanilla Air took off from Japan 50 mins late.


somehow I have the feeling that those budget airlines have even worse work schedules for their pilots.