Food Koala (Food Panda for foreigners)

I was really disappointed to find another thread that revealed how both Food Panda and Uber Eats discriminate against foreign drivers.

I want to change that.

I’m forming a LINE group that anyone can join to either order or deliver food:

To avoid potential legal issues, deliveries will be free. (You only pay for the food you order). This will work exactly the same way as if you asked a friend to grab food for you. You wouldn’t sue your friend for messing up your order or delivering food that gives you food poisoning.

If this takes off, I’ll apply for a business license and all that. But for now, this is a test to see if a service for foreigners by foreigners is viable. (Taiwanese please are, of course, allowed to participat, too.)

If you want to order food, please post the address of the vendor you want to the LINE group and what you want. A link to Google Maps would be appreciated. If you want to fulfill the order, reply to claim it. At this point, the buyer can either post your address to the group, or message the driver privately.

Please be patient when ordering food. I imagine that I’ll be the only driver, being that pay will be nonexistent until I can turn this into a legitimate business. (My delivering radius is limited to Taipei/New Taipei south of Taipei Main Station)

And if you’re interested in becoming a driver after this becomes a legitimate business, please let me know. (Or, if you’re bored and want to drive just for fun, you’re welcome to join!)


Lol, even the foreign laborers earn more than the drivers. Who would want to risk their life weaving through traffic for nothing?

For now, I’m trying to get a feel for whether there would be any interest after I start paying. I don’t expect anyone to volunteer to drive until after I’ve gotten a business license (and can legally hire workers).

In the meantime, I’ll be driving for free because I want to get a feeling for how the system will work.

Like FUBU but for biandangs

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To be honest, it won’t work. It’s the way ‘ride sharing’ started, pick up some people that go the same way as you, split the cost. Than Uber just raped it and turned it into an alternative taxi service.
Very few people are willing to go somewhere, wait for food and go out and deliver for free.

I don’t think the correct word in “discriminate”. You are a foreigner to Taiwan, therefore you are not offered the same rights as a Taiwanese. Im sure if you have a green card, they would let you drive for Food Panda…but again…Why? You can make more money elsewhere and less hassle

Food Panda requirements (need Taiwan ID)


Uber Eats requirements

Technically a foreigner can apply for Uber Eats

more info

My question is why would anyone do food delivery unless they aren’t paid?

I mean maybe if you get free food for delivering?


As @chydals mentioned, foreigners can work for Uber Eats


Why? Just why? :open_mouth:

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The reaction of Taiwanese:

“Dude, I just got my food delivered by a red haired foreigner!”


I don’t want to know how often that chap hears “welcome to taiwan!” every day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


‘Your Chinese is good!’

I didn’t order ‘western’ food!


Ok, I had tried signing up for Uber Eats. Couldn’t get past not having a Taiwanese ID. I guess I just didn’t try hard enough.

I’ll keep trying :sunglasses:.

I’m not sure if this will help or not…

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I could see doing some driving for a few bucks in the evening when I’m bored. I usually drive around for fun anyway, why not get paid to drive. And that’s what’s interesting about these services, you want to work just load the app. Decide you’re done just close the app.

But of course you can get more money for a full time gig elsewhere.

so, someone would say I will deliver without knowing to where?

Will they prepay for their foods?
If the buyer isn’t at the delivery place, what would you do?

Hi was wondering if u got past the ID part? Iv tried submitting an ARC but got an email saying it failed their requirements. Thanks in advance

Do you have an ARC through marriage? If not it might be a problem of work authorization.

Hi, nope its a student visa ARC plus iv got a work permit. It keeps saying to submit additional documents and iv tried several ways but it keeps rejecting my ID

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