Food Panda Food Delivery


How’s the delivery quality during bad weather like NOW? Wonder if they are still on good schedule and if food is still good when it arrives?


They tell you usually when there’s a delay. Also they send you a text if it’s running late.


FoodPanda still delivers pretty quickly during bad weather in my experience.


Do you tip the delivery person even if already paid by credit card?


Do you stand on the left at on MRT escalators?


Thought I’d chill at home and order Foodpanda. App says “Temporarily closed”. Guess they also chill’n.


They were offering free delivery over Christmas, probably over booked.


Is food panda in Tamsui because uber eats is not :frowning:


No, sadly, or at least their website tells me nothing delivers to Tamsui. Or at least my part of Tamsui, which is near the MRT station.

Somewhere I saw a map of places served by Food Panda, but now I can’t find it.


I live in Nangang (near Academia Sinica) and all I got is Uber Eats and their limited options. :frowning: