Food Panda Food Delivery

How’s the delivery quality during bad weather like NOW? Wonder if they are still on good schedule and if food is still good when it arrives?

They tell you usually when there’s a delay. Also they send you a text if it’s running late.

FoodPanda still delivers pretty quickly during bad weather in my experience.

Do you tip the delivery person even if already paid by credit card?

Do you stand on the left at on MRT escalators?

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Thought I’d chill at home and order Foodpanda. App says “Temporarily closed”. Guess they also chill’n.

They were offering free delivery over Christmas, probably over booked.

Is food panda in Tamsui because uber eats is not :frowning:

No, sadly, or at least their website tells me nothing delivers to Tamsui. Or at least my part of Tamsui, which is near the MRT station.

Somewhere I saw a map of places served by Food Panda, but now I can’t find it.

I live in Nangang (near Academia Sinica) and all I got is Uber Eats and their limited options. :frowning:

Just received a food order through Food Panda, opened it at home and discovered 1 item was missing. Called the restaurant and they confirmed that the item was sitting on their counter however anything else was up to FoodPanda to resolve.

Went looking through the app and website for contact details, there is no phone number, you need to email them to which they auto reply saying someone will be in touch within 24 hours :rofl: Got a link for their online chat so tried that, number 39 in the queue, food getting cold. Eventually get through and the guy asks for 5 mins to investigate. Gets back to me and tells me they can offer a refund but will not deliver the missing item. Now I have a table of rapidly cooling food and one person with nothing. Given I paid cash I’m curious as to how they will refund. They won’t, they offer a voucher. As this is the second bad experience with Food Panda I decline and insist either a cash refund or deliver the missing item. Eventually they come back with a request for bank details so they can do a bank transfer which will take up to 2 weeks:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

One company I plan on never using again.

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I gave up on food panda after they cancelled delivery twice about 45 minutes after I placed the order.

Was anxiously waiting for dinner and then cancelled.

Deleted the app.

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Food panda sounds shitty.

I have never had a problem with Uber Eats, I like them a lot. Just wish they would deliver to Tamsui already.

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Did the same. This was the second time I used them, first time also had issues. Both times I ordered from restaurants I’ve eaten it or had take outs from before, perhaps it’s just my imagination but I definitely feel the portions were smaller with the FP delivery than when I went in person.

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Juts got an email from their support team asking for the order reference, blah, blah in order to help resolve. I wonder can I get refunded twice?!:face_with_monocle:

Reading through the experiences on this thread I am starting to understand how these delivery companies can burn customers and hence cash.

Looking at food panda, their refund process sounds pretty high touch. There would be queries like @SuperS54’s all the time. If they are not geared up operationally to handle this they will piss even their regulars off eventually…

Should have read this thread: Tried food panda on Saturday night. Ordered at 5:35pm and they estimated it at 6:45pm. 6pm they estimated it at 6:37pm. 6:15pm they said the restaurant did not accept the order and canceled the order.

Still haven’t received my refund. They did send some sort of voucher that could only be used for a short period of time. No interest in using their service again but will be spending time following up my refund and will make sure to use a credit card for any similar service in the future. Anyone have a contact at FP or an email for consumer issues in Taiwan?

So having sent email replies to all the email addresses I had for Food Panda and having not gotten a single reply, I tried their Facebook page. Of course they don’t allow you to post to their page, sent them a message through messenger. Got a response an hour or so later asking for more details, supplied them and then received this Gem;

Might take me a few days to get back to them on that…unless someone has a special DeLorean I can hitch a ride with?

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Finally got my refund today, 18 days later. Appropriate company name;


Hopefully I never, ever, have to deal with them again.