Food vendor permit

hi,does anyone know how i can go about getting a permit to open up a food vendor stand?i see a foreigner here and there at the big night markets…i have tw citizenship as well as cdn if that plays any role in getting a permit.

don’t know, sorry, but I’m interested to know what you’ll be serving. [drool drool]

I always think that Indian snack food would go down really well in Taiwan’s night markets (samosas, onion bhajiis, naan bread,etc.) or maybe most Chinese would turn their noses up at it.

I don’t think they have a license.
And if they have, ask them how they got it.

A friend told me that a typical street vendor, the actual box of metal on wheels, costs NT$350,000. That’s not cheap. Can it really be that much?

More like 30000-60000 depending on what gear is included on the cart. Some have licenses and some dont - it depends where the cart is doing its business. If you are in a major night market then you need a license thru the Taipei government.

Panda - you know the price or that is just your own estimation?

Its my wife’s estimation based on her friend who has one. They sell them down in wan hwa.

well,from what ive been informed thus far,i heard that the license cost 100,000nt.don’t know how much the cart need a license to sell.otherwise if you get caught,wherever you may be selling,you will be fined…i don’t know if twnese taste buds will like indian food.or most races for that matter.its got a funny taste to it–"real’ indian food that is.

Does anyone know what is required to legally sell food (or clothes, trinkets, etc.) on the sidewalks? Can only citizens do this, or can a guy with an ARC do it also?

You need a permit…ever notice some street vendors or people running when the cops come… they do not have a permit… the police will issue a ticket

If you had an OPen work permit… you could apply locally to the Taipei City Government to get a permit…( don’t know what department)

If you are here on a work based Work permit and ARC… then your purpose of residence is related to the work permit and hence if you wanted to be street vendor you would have to change the purpose of residence… get a work permit from some department that oversees street vendors ( maybe the MOEA) and then get an ARC

There’s a Sri Lankan stall down at Bitan (Sindian) for those of you after some nice Indian-like food. It was kind of like a roll with some meat and salad inside. And ofcourse, a curry sauce. Nice.

I know a nightmarket equipment manufacturer with 3 big retail stores that is not registered as a business. So like the street vendors, I think this whole street vendor industry is more or less outside the law.

IMO the nightmarkets is a part of Taiwanese culture that nobody dares to attack. The illegal street vendors are even trying to lobby the government. Did anyone see their protest in Taipei? It went along the lines of… “We can’t pay all our fines, we are so poor, why is the government doing this to us?”

The illegal street vendors in the city are usually renting space in front of the shop they place their goods in front. Which is why you usually see the same street vendor in the same spot everyday.

You’re supposed to have a license, but I think it’s only the most law-abiding citizens in Taiwan who bothers to get one.

[quote=“TNT”]You need a permit…ever notice some street vendors or people running when the cops come… they do not have a permit… the police will issue a ticket[/quote]And setup again after the police have gone, or pay the fine(fee?) and carry on :unamused:

Athulla thanks you for your plug. I eat his curry rotis at least twice a week, and his stall is a nice spot to hang out with a few beers and watch the babes go by.