FoodPanda & UberEats pay is so high, how?

See a lot more drivers these days here in KHH and also in Taipei. Said the salary/pay is NT$100,000 month / million NT$ year? Is this true with such small fee paid by the customer? (Also saw uber driver lost his life today in New Taipei/北市 , which does not surprise me as they seems drive say aggressive)北市街頭擦撞汽車-uber-eats外送員命危送醫-110943282.html

I guess that it’s possible if you hustle all day. People love eating out, and delivering is even more convenient.

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I don’t think that’s true.

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I also wonder that too (could they make so much), thus this post. But…the number of drivers has exploded the last few months and the was place I ate last night (Japanese rice bowl) with three Panda drivers there for pick up at once and much more coming within 30-40 minutes I was there.

Someone told me you’re paid by the km or something… but the customer gets free delivery if he spends more than 80nt.

How is Foodpanda making money?

By taking a huge chunk from the shop you bought the food from, over 25%.

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I know, but that means the shop is making less money, and a lot of them are working on razor thin margins.

Thats why many hate it!

I don’t think so. Delivery fee depends on the deal the restaurant worked out with Ubereats. SO can be 30nt or 100nt.

they will probably pass new laws on this, as too many ubereats driver are getting killed for being bad drivers and that they aren’t getting laobao.

I’m not sure. I know I’ve never had free delivery regardless of the price.

Food panda and Uber have lots of “coupons” that can get Free service. It’s good (if real) pay is so high, but as link on the top, could be unsafe job and not sure if any benefits at all?

Been helping a new business supplying western food … Uber want 30% plus customer pays delivery charge . Food panda 18-25% but their customer base smaller . Uber charge 5000 ntd to take pics and list the business , subject to paperwork checks etc. If your prices / margins high it’s ok because of numbers , but harder for low margin businesses . Somehow I still see a single milk tea being delivered :thinking: some delivery drivers get 30 ntd per delivery but that may vary

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I think they were only getting 60ntd for four trips or something with Ubereats.

Right now there’s a marketsl sharewar and the customer is getting subsidised. It is remarkable how the numbers have exploded this year.

I can’t see them making more than 3, maybe 4 deliveries per hour. So the numbers don’t seem to add up unless they’re working 80 hour weeks.

I think they are supposed to do four an hour minimum or something. Anyway this guy says he only made 24k/mth when full time.
He says it’s better to do it part time.
I’ve also seen the dudes standing around. Looks like a shit job to be honest. Anything you are hanging around wasting time and not sure how much you are going to make…Just waste of your life. I wonder how many of these people have ’ issues’ or are they just doing it part time for extra cash !

i’m surprised its taken so long for this to get going. i can see it getting a lot more popular. every restaurant already does take away. and taiwanese people love convenience. when i was in china basically every restaurant had delivery. we just stayed in the office all day and got some shit hot meals delivered for lunch and dinner. surprised it was not the case when i came to taiwan.

Seems 3 or 4 per hour is reasonable, but some drive fast (crazy) and unsafe thus the deaths,

Uber is really best only for part time supplemental income imo. It’s a great way to make extra cash in a jam.

I don’t like these random smelly looking delivery people coming into my building. Also the way they block up the inside of restaurants waiting for deliveries. Am I a snob ?

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