Football / Soccer / Futsal in Taipei

One of the basketball leagues is what you’re looking for.
Kaohsiung Steelers are in your area I think.


The problem with football in Taiwan is that the quality is very bad if you are used to watching top leagues in Europe. I’d say the best team here would play in a county league in Germany for example, not any higher. Not a knock on Taiwan’s athletes, it’s just that the environment is very disadvantageous for developing the sport. Without baseball as the main outdoors sport, football might be in a better position.

Cheers, I assume they are in closed (air conditioned) stadiums?

May e basketball for summers and baseball in winters? Do the seasons match up like that?

Not really. Baseball is April to November and P league is Dec to May I think.

Dang, the exact worst time to have an outdoor sport lol.

Hi all! nice to write you
This is Carlos, I´m a spanish football coach (Uefa A), married with taiwanese and thinking about coach in TW in a future.
I´d like to ask you about proffesional coach oportunities in TW, since researching this sport is growing in the island year by year, and we are considering to move back to TW again in a near future.
Thanks for your info in advance, have a nice day!

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As far as i know there is only 1 club in Taiwan that teaches football in English, MFA club in Beitou. you can approach them and see if they need any coaches.
if you speak Chinese, there are many clubs that teach football to kids. Since your wife is local, work permit is not a problem and you can teach through them. if you search on facebook you will find many teams / clubs.


Paging @Andrew0409

Thanks for the info, I’ll consider it, I was thinking better about profesional teams in First League.
My level of English is acceptable, Chinese still not competent.

Hey Carlos, yes talk to MFA. They may mention to you that there is also a Spanish coaching school I think in Linkou. They wear Barcelona kit. In case you want to work with fellow Spanish. But also coaching in English.

You won’t be able to coach first division without Chinese language skills. Preferably Taiwanese too. Unless you have coached professionally in Spain and have a proven track record, but even first division here is only semi professional.

My kids used to go to Futsal in Taipei from 4-12years old or there about. They trained at various clubs. I never got the impression that the people running the clubs were making a great deal of money.

I have little idea about clubs for adults.

Edit: by the way not sure why this thread popped up for me after a month. Sorry to revive a thread that seemed to have come to an end already.

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