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So our intrepid World Cup winner, the undisputed BOAT (Best of All Time) has effectively retired and is taking his talents to :heart: Miami.

(He’s essentially become installation art : ) just like the :heart: Art Deco on :heart: South Beach, :heart: Miami Beach. )

Cannae say I blame him. He, of all players, deserves to ride off into the retirement sunset.

You’re so Art Deco, Messi. That’s fine, cos your legacy is secure.


Enjoy retirement maestro.

Messi’s digs in Miami. Not too shabby.

No surprise it’s an :heart: Arab fella showing it :slight_smile:

Car lift is a tad OTT but ok.

Come on :heart: Miami! Messi is watching!

World Cup 2010.

Hup Holland Hup! Tiesto is watching.

For context: Messi has both Argentine and Spanish passports, and he travelled all the way to China with the Spanish one.

The citizens of Spain do not have visa-free entry to PRC, but they can enter Taiwan without a visa. Leo assumed that Taiwan is part of China and therefore did not apply for a visa beforehand. :sweat_smile:

The language barrier made it difficult for the Argentine to explain himself to the Chinese guards, but all worked out well eventually.

Leo has been given an expedited visa and will be able to play against the Aussie at the Workers’ Stadium this Thursday, June 15.

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This made me smile. Only in the States would World Cup winner Messi have a semblance of a normal life. (Anywhere else he’d be mobbed.) Miami will be good for him.

“More than 100,000 Argentines live in Miami, which will host World Cup matches in 2026.” Home away from home then.

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Scored the winner, mind. That’s what separates him from the rest. You fully expect him to score, and he does. Reliability.

World Cup winner Messi scores again. Of course. Like clockwork. This MLS malarkey is much too easy for him.

(Scoring his own rebound off the bar no less.)

Incidentally, never ever thought I’d be watching MLS yet here we are. The Messi effect.

Love that this is the goal song.

Oh my God. He scores again. Too easy.

This the second goal tune.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but Inter Miami with World Cup winner Messi is now must see TV. Miami 4-0. Messi involved in all goals. (2 goals, 1 pre-assist, 1 assist). Miami might actually win something (not just fans’ hearts).

Elevates the quality of those around him, even the mediocre ones. Adding value wherever he goes. (Therefore his valuation is justified.) The Messi BOAT. All aboard.

Miami will be adding Jordi Alba and Luis Suarez. A mini Barcelona in Miami!

Knew the MLS sucked but dinnae ken it was this dire. An old walking player can impose his will and dominate like this with hardly any training. This truly is a retirement home for Messi in Miami.

Looked like easy goals. The level of play is not that great in the MLS, is it?


Messi scores again. But of course. Yawn. Too easy.

Is Beckham still in the US?

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Yep. He’s Inter Miami’s head honcho.


I know he is making a lot, but imagine how much the Saudis were offering for him to play there?

Saudis (in requisite Audis) were offering World Cup runner up Kylian Mbappe US$ 776 million. For one season. (Yes you read that right). (but he only has eyes for Real Madrid.)

Messi won the World Cup and is widely acknowledged as the BOAT (Best of All Time). Probs woulda been a blank check/carte blanche for him.

Atrocious defending. The two defenders closest to him just lost him.

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:rofl: Half of the team is standing in a circle barely moving :joy:

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The goalkeeper needs reduce the space too. Really amateur players

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