For Camera Enthusiasts

For those who’ve gone past the iphones (or androids)— What’s your gear of choice? Mirrorless or DSLR. Share your set up!

P.S. Rumor is there’s gonna be a new sony a7s announcement in a couple of months…

Fuji XT2 here. Mostly with their 16mm f1.4 prime lens.

Ooo. How’s that workin for ya? I’m super unfamiliar with fujifilm offerings. Digital wise, always been a Canon user.

Currently own Canon 6D, 5D4, all the f2.8 zooms, 85mm 1.4.

Waiting for the RF ecosystem to be more complete and have a wider second hand market. In a year or two I’ll get the smallest RF body available (currently the RP, but who knows what will come out within the next two years) along with a couple of light lenses for travelling. The 35 1.8 stabilized prime will be my first purchase, followed by the imminent 24-105 non-L.

For some things I prefer DSLRs, for others I prefer mirrorless, don’t really have a clear favorite yet.

Mamiya 7

Fuji TX-1

Film is of more interest

Olympus OMD EM-10 Mark II, f1.8 17mm and f1.8 45mm lenses

Canon EOS M6 Mark II, f2 22mm and f3.5 18-55 lenses

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Canon EOS 7D.

50 mm, 10-24 mm 70-200 mm

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Whoa, that thing’s a tank…you must have serious upper body strength. :grin:

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Not stealing Hanna’s thunder :wink:

Not to heavy except when using the 70-200 lens.

I used to have a Canon 60D, but bringing it on hikes and for travel is not ideal. I switched to an XT1 almost 3 yrs ago and it’s the best camera decision I made. Plus, every Fuji lens is just remarkable, including the cheapest–the XC line.

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Those are nice cameras. While you’re still in the dslr game, then— Have you considered the 1DX III? I’ve used it for collectively a few hundred hrs now for work and honestly kinda sad I’m about to sell it off (another story).

A buddy of mine was considering it over the R. Have you tried both or jumped straight to this? I’ve heard varied things (from either).

Nice, first person I’ve heard who owns this!

I went from film straight to mirrorless…never owned a DSLR. I started with an EOS M, which took nice photos but had molasses-slow AF, and now M6, which has excellent dual pixel AF. The Oly has amazing top dials…it’s a joy to use…but the AF in their midrange models sucks for anything that’s moving (contrast detect only). The Oly lenses are also amazing, but I won’t consider buying another body until they improve the AF in their midrange cameras.

Speaking of M6– the Leica M6 is my first film cam. Love it. But it can’t take 4K vids so it can never be my primary camera (I shoot 24fps way more than snap pictures, so my #1 must do both)

Leica lenses are pretty fckin great, too

Yeah I have the XC 50-230mm. What a bargain that thing is at NTD6000. Useless at night of course but that’s understandable.

yeah, that’s pretty sharp but also quite slow. my favorite xc right now is the 15-45mm. got it for 5k and it’s now my default lens. i get so much range from it even though it’s supposed to be an ultrawide.

My local store has no 1dx3 available, haven’t tried it yet but I’m not looking for any upgrade in a while. I shoot mostly indoor sports and the 5D4 is more than good enough. Sometimes I wish it had higher fps, but I’m not going to spend 6k dollars to have higher fps and lose resolution.

How so? I’m plenty familiar with Canon and Sony but Fujifilm is def one of those brands I’ve always just glanced at in a distance but have had zero hands on experience. Curious about it for a while now, including the Panasonic GH line (though that I’m less interested in)

I find the lens quality to be sharper and have faster autofocus than Canon’s. And the XF series, despite being the pro line, is still easy to carry around while maintining pro build quality (weather resistant for most types, metal).

Overall cheaper than the Zeiss lenses from Sony.

Nice. I’ve been seriously considering getting a personal camera that shoots well on both stills and video that I can bring on my travels; and to my surprise, my research has shown Fujifilm come out as a strong contender. I figured I’d get adapters for my Leica and Hasselblad lenses, but I def want at least one native Fujinon lens so I can fully test the latitudes of the new system.

Are the camera menus user friendly/easy to use for you?

I don’t use autofocus.

Video-wise, reviews say that XT2 or XT3 is better. I was thinking about upgrading to an XT2, but after upgrading the firmware on my XT1, I don’t think I have to. I don’t do videos that often anyway.

Speaking of firmware, that’s another nice thing about the Fuji series. They have firmware updates for their camera body and each of their lenses. Most of their lenses also come with a free lens hood.

Yep, menu controls were easy to use. I didn’t find it difficult to switch to its dials and rangefinder controls coming from Canon. I had to watch a few reviews at first, just to be familiar with what the buttons do, but it wasn’t an issue. I suggest you go to Syntrend at Zhongxiao Xinsheng, or any camera store where you can try the buttons for yourself. I have small hands so the camera body fits just about right.

The only downside for me is battery life. I always bring a spare with me. But that to me is a smaller issue than the weight of carrying around a DSLR.