For foreigners who have legally stayed over 180 days in Taiwan, MOI will provide automatic 30-day visa extensions

I phoned up immigration. My visa was extended again until end of December.

I guess they just haven’t announced the extension yet.

You should phone up and ask if you’re curious. Only takes a minute.


Immigration seems to like to post these announcements on Fridays just before going home

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4th extension confirmed.

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Hell yeah!!

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Amazing, I had until mid November but chanced and booked flight for mid December.
Carries on the way it is in UK I’ll chance another month though. Did the flight cost my health is more important.

Ladies and gentlemen, another extension:



Yay :grin:
Emirates air have given me a open ticket at no extra cost whoo hoo

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Announced yesterday.


What happens if they run outta money?

Great question , if they are short on cash maybe they pack up and fly back ?

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I thought my loan sharking days were behind me but if the Taiwan government asks me nicely… :sunglasses:

I think with these extensions which are wonderful stranded tourists should be allowed health insurance and the right to do any jobs they can find
And pay tax of course

Shit i want to work, but im a loser no college education…
I want to stay here Forever can we just adjust our visa status with the visa run aspect .

Get married, go out , come back
Start a business, go out ,come back
Any other options?

At least one country has said it won’t take its own people back unless they can prove they’re negative. :canada: :roll_eyes:


I really hope this gets challenged. I’m all for mandatory at-airport testing, but there are clear constitutional issues of outsourcing the right of return of citizens to airport gate agents.

What if your visa in Taiwan had expired and you couldn’t book a test before you were legally required to leave?


There are some universities in Taiwan. Tuition should be less than in the US.

Can i enroll now ? Ok i go get smart
I think tourist visa cant convert to student?

I do wonder anyhow regarding tax. IMHO there are in large parts two sorts of people overstaying. a) Students - likely they would be tax exempt anyhow. Young people taking a gap year
b) Digital Nomads and their likes. They mostly likely made a lot of money with stocks last year - but guess most of them won’t pay any taxes in Taiwan (also maybe not back home if they have no home)…

Even though they are here on tourist visa free entry - 183 day rule still applies…