For those who believe that Italians are the same as other Europeans

Have a good chuckle at this: … 7076ea14f2 (click on play)


this is pretty funny, some of it reminds me of Taiwan, especially the part about Parking and Pedestrians!!

Great link Soddom.

Cool, moving from Taiwan to Italy means no culture shock then.

By the same guy…

I haven’t seen the link, But I did notice the similarities between Taiwan and Italy when I moved here, I thought it might help me get used to here, didn’t work though

So you’ve lived in both Italy and Taiwan?

Like most other people here, I have only one question to ask:

So, which place has the better babes?

Babes a plenty here in sunny and hot Italy. They dress rather provacatively as well. And lots have tits and cleavage.
They do seem a bit high maintenance with all that makeup and tropical tanning, though.
As for male babes, well, that goes without saying… (drool)

Had to come in this internet cafe and cool off it’s so bloody hot here in Florence.
I don’t see that much similarity with Taiwan. Well, maybe the
not-queueing up bit, which i am used.
The driving seems alright. They have stopped for me to cross the street on many occassions, which surprised me.
Taiwan cannot hold a candle to Italy in the quality of food, cafe, pastries, and wine. I have never eaten so much ice cream (gelato) in my life. Thank god for all the sweating and walking, i don’t feel guilty! :slight_smile:

I would have to say that the Taiwanese are much friendlier than the Italians, but then again, there are so many bloody tourists all over the place, i don’t blame some Italians for being a bit
po-faced. Wonder what Taiwan would be like with hoardes of tourists all over Chiangkaishek…

Oh, btw, there are Chinese all over the streets of Florence selling those woven grasshopper things and tacky chinese painted names. There are lots of Africans and Sri Lankans too, but they’re only selling sunglasses and posters. Now why in hell would someone want to buy some crap chinese written name in Italy? But i bet they make a bloody fortune here.
Maybe some Italians should go to Taiwan and sell gelato and pizzas all around CKS.

[quote=“fredericka bimmel”]Babes a plenty here in sunny and hot Italy. …
As for male babes, well, that goes without saying… (drool)
Here’s one for ya, Fredericka. :slight_smile: … &printer=1

Oh, he sounds lurvly, Mapodofu!
Especially his big fat pension…:wink:

Ya know Ms. Bimmel:

There’s a name for the kind of tourist you are. You know the kind that go to a foreign country and take advantage of the impressionable young men there. Such shameless, wanton, brazen behavior. Wait till I tell your Greek friend.

Watch out. Lots of psycho xiaojies to be found among the Italian females.

Do you really need to go to a foreign country to do that, Fred???
Ah! That’s why you’re here… :wink:

You are not by any stretch of the word trying to suggest that I am impressionable or young are you Ms. Bimmel? haha :wink:

Sad to say it looks like I am not going to Italy for another month. Can you believe all the flights out of this rathole are booked up? I thought all the fucking little brats were back in school now? What the hell, six airlines and all full. Grrr. Nevermind the Argies will be there until November. Then I will go back and no doubt create “impressions” in France and Italy with interest.

If you can wait almost another year, I’m taking a slow boat to Rome, with my pussies and antiques next June and you’re welcome to toss your rolly bag on my guest bed (can’t see you with a backpack for some reason). I won’t just be a “_____ tourist” then, Fred! :wink:

I realize this is a message to Fred, but what the heck are you saying? what’s a rolly bag. I thought you two were americans?

What?! Fredericka Bimmel leaving Taiwan!!!

Are you leaving paradise at Lotus Hill for a life on the streets in Rome? When are you going? What are you going to do? Where are you going to live? i.e. what section of Rome? Don’t you mean my baggy roll?

Yah. How’d you figure it out? Nope no backpacker me. I have never even had a pair of running shoes, though that fat Greek bastard over here finally got some which means I don’t have to listen to that fucking noise from his benighted cowboy boots. What the fuck is up with a Candian wearing cowboy boots anyhow? Should be snowshoes or something right? As you can see. I cannot access certain files today and I am waiting around until then, hence my great interest in posting today.

Well if and when you go, I will come over there and drag you along for the circle around the Tyrrhenian. The Argies are there every fall and this is a 75 foot schooner made in 1923. The last trip on this thing (Caribbean for Chinese New Years) we had a great laugh. We decided one night to make daiquiris and you know that I rarely drink but this not we really knocked them back, couple pitchers of strawberry than banana then orange, lettuce and tomato. We grabbed everything that was left. Must have been a full moon or something.

So’s anyhoo. How do you think I’d look in Italian leather? hmmm?


Like the sexy studmuffin i know you are deep down under that navy blue blazer. Maybe you can find an Italian navy blue LEATHER blazer.
But get it in Berlin as they’re cheaper there.

What will I do? Well, what i’m doing now, but NOT here. There.
Where will I live? Trastevere is calling me, but we’ll see.
Thanks for the reciprocal invite to sail the Mediterranean, but you’ve invited me to do things before and never follow through…typical American
:unamused: …so I won’t hold me breath!


Hahah Fredericka:

Actually I would prefer it if you held something other than your breath if you get my drift.

Now why would you want to live so close to the Vatican? Getting Catholic on us? Okay okay. I admit my fault. But I have repeatedly passed messages through to you regarding drinking sessions though I hear I missed the one last Thursday at the Brass Monkey. That said, I am still willing to come out to Christ forsaken Xizhi to see whether you can cook. Afterwards we can get a pizza!

[quote=“fred smith”]

Now why would you want to live so close to the Vatican? Getting Catholic on us? [/quote]

Honestly, I wept in St. Peter’s cathedral. I just sat there and blubbered like a fool. Of course it could have been the heat exhaustion from just having climbed to the top of the 400 step duomo in 90 degree heat, but I think it was more than that…my grandfather was a Salamancan
Catholic so mama mia was raised as one…perhaps it was some residual dna at play. Perhaps it was the fabulous beauty. Who knows.
But, Trastevere is pretty friggin far from Vatican City unless you take a boat up the Tiber!
Funny how many European cities are laid out similarly with some river to the west side splitting the two parts. I guess it’s something like the Danshui splitting Taipei from Yung hell and San chung! :unamused:
God, what a waste of space all that is. If they fuckin sat down and thought about it (city planners) they could design some amazing LIFE space along there, and the Geelung river too.
I realized just how little the Taiwanese tend to enjoy life by being there for a while. So, I feel there’s absolutely NO comparisons to be made between the Italians and the Chinese. Not one iota.

Oh, that was Fredericka using my log in, the bitch!