For those who live in Taiwan and like it

Excuse my now irreparable omission of the l from “Betelnut”.

I was being facetio… It’s called sarc…

Oh, never mind.

Attack Birds … well, it’s close to a Twanda … well they are fictional copies … :roflmao:

Design? My a** … not even close to ‘design’ …

Perhaps a clip art of a pile of powder and a hand sprinkling it on a cigarette between “I” and “Taiwan” is more representative?

I dig the panda, fuck China but leave the cute little bears alone :hand:

Fair enough, but while they’re being left alone, how about not adding them to anything Taiwanese either?

Original image
:slight_smile: :whistle:

If it’s a little large for the page, right click and ‘view image’.

I LOVE it!!! :lovestruck: :lovestruck: :lovestruck: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

That’s going on Facebook!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I bear Taiwan?

I can’t bear Taiwan?

I African-American bear Taiwan?

Silly Hans!! :laughing:

Actually, the only thing that could make that even more awesome would be if the background was the Taiwanese flag instead of just white. Just a thought. :whistle:

Take the WWF logo (World Wide Fund for Nature, not pro-wrestling), and put a standing Taiwanese black bear right behind/up-against it, and there, you have arrived at an awesome design.

haha I checked Taiwan

I noticed that the V shape of the bear’s chest looks a bit like the top center part of a heart shape. Perhaps there’s someway to make a heart out of that design. Say make the arms hang down the front, and the white outline that separates the arm and the body can form the rest of the heart?

Cool. I want to friend you so I can see it. And 'coz you are a cool guy with good taste in beer and women, of course.

I wanted to do that but didn’t want to spend more than 5 minutes. I just copied the bear off a website without permission too.

It’s by an artist called EJ Su … -113220436

I think the design captures what is unique about Taiwan in so many sad ways. (Although I don’t think it was intended in the way I see it :slight_smile: )

  • Taiwan lacks a national identity, so it commonly uses a mix of other cultures that it admires, such as Japan, the US and Europe. Real estate projects that are named after ‘Venice’, and other European cities are common. So the Greek font fits well.
  • Taiwan’s population consists of descendants of Chinese immigrants, and a large part of these still think they are Chinese, so the Panda fits well.
  • Unlike the tough Taiwan black bear, the panda is peaceful, and has a hard time to procreate (have you seen the crazy low birth rate in Taiwan?). Spot on!
  • The design is copied from someone else’s idea.

My first thought was that it looked like the front paint job of the Alishan forest train.

I’ve seen T-shirts like that. :thumbsup:

Just went back and read the first page. No one was nasty or grumpy to the OP and no one insulted him or her directly. If you want to share your work as an artist or whatever, then don’t be upset when your work is shot down for being perceived as shit.
Criticism is the artist’s best friend - if you can’t handle criticism, go and do something else like - I don’t know, taking a hike or learning how to whistle.

Damn, im very sad now. I thought you perhaps, you went to the Zoo and saw the bear and got inspired by viewing that bear to ‘design your picture’
Or better still, someone bought you a small teddy ‘bear’ and you loved it so much and decided to ‘design a picture’