Foreign Guy Brutally Beaten in Taichung

Events blurry. Foreign guy, from Holland is in a bar with GF. Bar security walks him out of the bar. (Video footage of this.) They disappear around the corner out of camera rage.

(More video.) Guy in hospital. Sick amounts of nasty bruising on his back chest, gut, sides.

POlice are baffled.

More on this story. Bar guys say foreigner was sleezy drug dealer.

jdsaysnotbloodylikely. He was from HOLLAND. :wink:

jd does also not condone violence, but he has on occassion learned from it. His hope is that our young friend in taichung learns from his. Count your blessing.

update: jdspouse says that some money was to change hands, or was offerred. POlice wanted to keep the whole thing hush hush.

No, it’s not likely.

Anyway, I thought this was a usual night out in Taichung? Some you win, some you lose, just never, ever, hit on the gangsta chicks.


There is a reason Taiwan’s national sport is baseball.

Shocking! Round up the usual suspects!

He fell…yeah, that’s it. He fell.

he fell into a baseball bat several times in succession then?

Story seems gone from the news.

If whitey did this to a local it would be all over the news and little trucks would be driving up and down the streets declaring it over a megaphone. The woman at 7-11 would cower when you handed her your money for the next month even though you’ve been chatty with her for years. The whitey in question would have been found and incarcerated before any of us could count to ten. He would be found guilty even if he could prove that he was teaching a class of 30 at the moment the beating happened and he just looked like the whitey in question.

But since a local did it to a whitey, the cops are baffled and it stays on the news for less than a day.

And backwards no less!

At least is makes the news however briefly. I can’t imagine a mere duffing-up making the papers in the UK. God, they’d be 80 pages long and 260 pages on Sunday.

Z, isn’t this your neck of the woods? Any local poop?

Let me try my psychic hand at this one . . .

I’m seeing the Pig Pen . . . a gang of scooter monkeys . . . an attractive Taiwan lass, words, a rebuttal, angry words . . people walking . . . OUCH!


or even better - Lion King!

well if he was American and went to the AIT to complain, then the scooter monkeys (love that image) could be rounded up, but hes “only” dutch.

Any dope on what happened to the girl?

He was Dutch? Then he was probably fighting them over whether happy hour prices were still in effect. :smiley:

I haven’t heard anything about it outside of this thread.

I haven’t heard anything about it outside of this thread.[/quote]

Hmm. It’s quiet. Too quiet.

One reason why it gets attention is that it was captured on film. I have seen a few attacks on foreigners here that of course never made the news. Also that the people who attacked him were the “security” from the club/bar in question and that he was beaten very, very badly so you can not really call it a “mere duffing-up”. According to one report on TV (and lets face it most of the reports are mostly bollocks so this information might be) the “security” excused themselves by claiming the Dutch guy was suspected of taking drugs but it had been determined from his hospitalization (presumably blood drug test?) that this was not the case.