Foreign guys and Taiwanese women

Oftenly I heard that Taiwanese women prefer foreigners… so I’m opening a debate, old subject, but welcome everyone to donate their opinions on this topic, no matter good or bad…

Yes an old topic that can only be answered by the Taiwanese women.

Remember that beauty is only skin deep, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At least I’ve always believed that… well… usually that is…

Most Taiwanese women actually don’t. However, there are enough, who do to give us a good time :smiling_imp:

Presumably you’re talking about white-skinned foreigners in Taiwan, rather than the Thai/Filipino/Indonesians working here. That makes roughly how many? 10,000? 20,000? How many of them are with Taiwanese women? Half? That would make between 5,000 and 10,000 Taiwanese women that “prefer foreigners” (although you haven’t said what they’re supposed to prefer them to – stray dogs? A Lamborghini Countach?)

So there’s what? About 12 million Taiwanese women living here. That makes a percentage of 0.008.

There you go. A totally inane answer to a totally inane question.


If I were to seriously (force myself to) reply to your post, I would say that Taiwanese women prefer (I’d rather like to brain you for using that word) Taiwanese men. I know!! What a surprise. [color=red]Who’d’ve thunkt it?[/color]

You know I heard a story once, about how, like, in America, all the Anglo-Saxon males prefer Asian women. I know, pretty stupid huh? They told me it’s because American males think American females are inadequate and insufficiently evolved. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really think sandman said it all though…

In fact, why am I even posting…? :? Go have a latte. :smiley:

Some Taiwanese women are primarily or exclusively attracted to white Westerners, some have a particular liking for black guys, and there are some who go for South Americans, or Turks, or Indians, or Nepalese, or other groups of foreigners. Some would be happy to get together with any good-looking and charming guy regardless of his race or nationality. And most would choose to stick with their fellow Taiwanese and would not even consider getting involved in any kind of intimate relationship with any kind of foreigner. Then again, some go for particular body types or features, such as tall and thin, or round and cuddly, or dark and hairy, or pale and smooth, or blue-eyed and blond-haired, or dark-eyed and raven-haired, or whatever, and don’t pay too much attention to race but are more likely to find such type of person in a particular racial group. Foreign guys and gals of all races exhibit a similar variety of preference when selecting their partners of either sex. Tastes differ, and thank God for that! All of us can find someone for whom we’re just right.

I am in agreement with most of the people in this forum - most Taiwanese girls do not like foreign guys. Go to the right place - Roxy 99 - and you’re bound to find a few girls that do. The guy who posed this question is obviously feeding his ego more than anything else, something foreign guys seem to be great at here in Taiwan (or did I not notice that back home?) What really fascinates me is this preference, which, in the States, has become a fact of life. Apart from the stupid dude who just likes chicks with darker skin, many guys have caught on. To be politically correct they need a reason for liking Asian women that’s more than skin-deep. Of course most of their reasons are closer to the surface than they think. Is this a natural preference, or a preference that only a free-loving, economically well-off generation would produce? Cross-cultural love has been around for ages - but what I’m talking about is a way of living … telling your friends that you are only attracted to a certain race because you recognized the tell-tale traits long ago. You tried dating a white girl and it just didn’t work. I don’t blink when I hear this, 'cause I hear it all the time, but I always wonder if they really feel that strongly about it, or if this is simply a phenomenon of our times. For some reason, the more a person is attuned to their preferences the more boring they become. I still prefer not to hear what someone else prefers, because turning me down by saying, “Sorry, I prefer Asians,” is more offensive than “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

The way I see it, you’d be better off being thankful for a lucky escape rather than offended by any dunderhead who’d be boorish enough to use a knock-back like the one above!

It might be worth adding that the kind of Taiwanese girl who is interested in getting involved with a foreigner seems to have changed over the last decade and a half. When I first came here, young women were under much more rigid family control, and the daughters of the elite and the ambitious bourgeoisie had it firmly drilled into their heads that foreign boyfriends were absolutely out of the question. They generally accepted this without demur, and would not allow themselves to develop any interest in the forbidden fruit. Their course in life was well charted, and they were happy enough to accept the inevitable marriage with the scion of a suitable Taiwanese family. Girls who went abroad to study might come to question and defy the established rules and hitch up with a long-nosed devil, but those who stayed here were very unlikely to do so. The lasses who were amenable to the attentions of foreigners in those days were much more likely to be from lower down the economic scale, where the family would far more readily accept a foreign son-in-law (partly, no doubt, because the economic advantages were perceived as outweighing other considerations). But now the situation is markedly different, with many girls from relatively privileged backgrounds having greatly increased leeway to choose for themselves and frequently opting for that oh-so-alluring otherness.

I think that, in any society, young women who are given complete freedom of choice will often incline toward choosing partners who are strikingly different from their own kind. Perhaps this is wired into us by nature as a means of ensuring the best possible mixing of genes. Just take the U.K. as an example. Now that most white women there are totally free to choose whatever guys they want to hitch up with, a remarkable number make a beeline for black or Indian males. Recent figures indicate that more than 50% of black guys in the U.K. have white girlfriends or wives. It’s a highly encouraging phenomenon, and I look forward to the day when a similar state of affairs prevails in Taiwan.

Biologically, males inherit the urge not only to spread out genetic material far and wide, but also to protect “our” females from others seeking to do the same.

Females seem to lack this xenophobia, having evolved to depend on male relatives (or potential mates) to ward off members of other races. Failing that, they have a secondary urge to submit sexually to any invader capable of displacing the local males.

In Taiwan, we find a female population which is very open to suggestion, now that the traditional safeguards of male and family pressure no longer work very well to protect or constrain them. While foreign women tend to be more cynical and experienced, they too are blessed (?) with a lack of effective social controls preventing them from mating outside their race, and are left only with their own personal sense of appropriateness.

Females are far more heavily invested in the act of conception than males, and so insist on regulating the circumstances of this event as much as possible. This does not necessarily mean fidelity–to a man or a race–but it does encourage them to seek a reliable provider (who may or may not be the father of children claimed as his).

Some local women see some foreigners as potential providers. Others, recognizing that such relationships have high odds against them, seek relationships with us for other purposes such as recreation, education, etc… These secondary desires are highly subject to the whims of fashion.

As an aside, I see that some posters assume that a preference for one’s own race is inherently bad. This is however the most common pattern, for both aesthetic and practical reasons.

We don’t raise an eyebrow over our preference for partners of a certain age (depending on what age it is, of course!). And while we may feel that standards of beauty are unfair, we are mostly resigned to them. So why should anyone complain about racial preferences–regardless of whether it is for a partner of the same or a different race?

We’re talking about human females here, right? I mean, this behavior seems awfully similar to the behavior exhibited time and time again by female barn swallows. Female barn swallows were for a long time mistakenly thought to be monogomous, with the same mate, for life. However, via observation, it was discovered that the female barn swallow selects one male mate based on his ability to build a nest and provide food and protection… but for the purpose of passing on the best possible genes to her offspring, she prefers affairs behing the barn with male swallows endowed with long tails (I kid you all not :smiley: ), as apparently male swallows with long tails have the strongest, or otherwise best, genes.

Yes, people resemble barn swallows! As a species we tend to be serially monogamous, but with cheating (and some open polygamy among the most powerful).

One twist which I didn’t mention before is that a woman can’t really use the method of cheating with a foreigner, who doesn’t look like her husband, to improve her offspring’s genes. This would be too easily discovered, and work against the whole point of finding a provider.

Vincent - your elaborate gene theory about why some Taiwanese women prefer foreigners (or westerners) is interesting but I think that cultural factors alone account for the phenomenon.

Also, is anyone suggesting that iit is in anyway wrong to have a preference for certain physical/racial characterisitics? Of course, there are far more important things (personality etc.), but it is only natural that we are first attracted to people of the opposite sex by their physical appearance.

I was at a party once chatting with an American girl and a German guy. The guy asked me “Hey, do you like Asian women?” I hesitated and then said “Well I have a Chinese girlfriend” and pointed to her, “so I would have to say ‘Yes’.” The American lass then rolled her eyes and walked away. It seems that for some people it is a crime to admit a preference for the appearance off a particular race.

Sour grapes

She was kinda chubby. I suppose there may be a fair few western women here who get abit pissed off that many of the western guys go ga-ga over the chinese women when they get here.

A girl from the UK I used to know invited her boyfriend (also from UK) over here for an extended holiday. Within a month he had dumped her and was living with some KTV girls. The rotten cad!


Your scholarly analysis is excellent – and very close to the mark, I’m sure.


Your tale :laughing: of the swallows is so funny and apposite.

I’ve definitely met quite a few Taiwanese women who don’t like Western guys. My girlfriend has friends who’ve told her they don’t understand how the two of us can pull it off.

There seems to be a stereotype among a lot of Taiwanese women that local guys have class and style. They know how to be a gentleman and treat a woman right. They keep the do-re-mi flowing like a fountain, and will go to any end to protect her honor. Meanwhile, we Western saps are cheating drunks who dress weird, smell funny, and show their feelings in public.

Suit yourself, ladies. I’ll readily admit that I have more interest in the price of wallpaper than in what slick new rags all the yuppies in NY, Tokyo, or Hong Kong are sporting. I’m not much of a face saver. Still, I’ve found one who doesn’t seem to give a damn. No matter what, I think there’s no reason for anybody to worry – there are enough single Taiwanese women to satisfy all who seek one, local or laowai.

Or, judging by the practises of some foreigners and many locals, more than one… even several.

I’m glad that you wrote “SOME foreigners and MANY locals”, Hsiadogah. An awful lot of people (and a lot of awful people) tend to express it the other way round, which I think is rather unfair.

By the way, what does “Hsiadogah” mean?

[quote=“Omniloquacious”]I’m glad that you wrote “SOME foreigners and MANY locals”, Hsiadogah. An awful lot of people (and a lot of awful people) tend to express it the other way round, which I think is rather unfair.

By the way, what does “Hsiadogah” mean?[/quote]

Well, just about all the local guys I know who have two pennies to rub together are supporting at least one wife and at least one mistress. Even the most ‘hua’ of the laowai are usually serial offenders, one after another. Sure you get the occasional ‘kid in a candy store’ variety, but I don’t see or hear as much of that as I used to. Then again, I don’t hang around the meat-rack type places anymore.

‘hsiadogah’ is Taiwanese (my transliteration) for ‘dead bignose’, ‘darn foreigner!’ :smiley: