"Foreign wolf teachers"

Look, we have to use CNA too as a source hut heaven knows they are tilted and unreliable. If you think TT has problems with numbers, try them. However, being the first and sometimes only source, I shut my piehole, recheck names and numbers, and thank them as a reference.

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I’m trying to keep this more closely on topic. Feel free to post general commentary on newspapers in appropriate threads. No personal attacks please.

Edit: just saw the other thread.

At the time of the report, it was still in the pipeline. See above for the update.

It’s my understanding that this is already in effect, with no grace period, but I’m waiting for an official statement.

They don’t seem to have recognized that they referred to “frequent” cases, only “past cases”. Pretty unreal. They passed the buck and they know it. Whatever sells ink, right?


Yes, the word “frequently” is still in the copy. But if you search 狼師 (wolf teachers) on the CNA website, it’s a commonly used term used for sexual predator teachers. You’ll see many articles on the subject. I would posit, they’re actually not discriminating against foreigners since they mention many more articles about Taiwanese 狼師. The article was directed at a Taiwanese audience and was not an article usually translated by Focus Taiwan, unfortunately we made the cataclysmic mistake of exposing it to English speakers.

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Such abusive language is allowed by Formosa’s noble moderators? Interesting.

I am entertained that so many people are angry at the article. The Taiwan News is nothing more than a DPP mouthpiece – and a pretty inarticulate one at that. Given that Party`s history of nativism and Hoklo-first preferentialism, is anyone surprised at such writings?

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I agree with the first sentence at least.

As real-life experiences accumulate and slowly ween you off sentimental attachment to a liberal party that is actually pretty nasty (other than Tsai) and the third rate rag attached to it, the latter may become evident to you in time.

Or like so many foreign cheerleaders, you may prefer to remain happily ignorant. :grin:

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Yeah I’ve had enough of the mind-bending contortions that apparently pass for logic in the Taiwan press. Whatever.


Thanks for this explanation. So CNA and Taiwan News usually collaborate to choose what is communicated to “foreigners” vs. Taiwanese.

And it was Taiwan News that f***ed up.

Oh, my, what a cataclysmic mistake! You exposed Taiwan news aimed at Taiwanese to English speakers!

I aim to do that every day.


After reading kman’s confession, I’m calling Stockholm Syndrome and demand a deprogramming.


Thank you yyy, I appreciate that.

Ha, we don’t conspire, but maybe we should. Good idea.


If we’re looking carefully at the Chinese original by insisting on “frequent”, which is there, then “chuan" doesn’t actually need to be translated as “reports” (which in the context of a government statement imply official, authenticated reports of specific incidents) but could also be interpreted as “spreading, communication of” or even “rumors” etc, which does not imply any basis in fact.

In any event, Journalism 101 is Thou Shalt Check Thy Facts Even When Thou Art Just Copying From Someone Else. And Translation 101 is Thou Shalt Check Thy Word Choice For Implications That The Original Text Does Not Necessarily Make.


Indeed, I hate to be the guy saying only formally educated people should be allowed to work because I think degrees in general are overrated (while things like intelligence, life experience, and discernment are underrated), but this episode is pretty sad. If the Taiwan News crew do all have degrees in journalism, I’d like to know what sort of school taught them to be so careless.


Great, just what everyone needs right now! :roll:

I would like to see some statistics. If this is report number five of the decade, it’s still an awful stretch to call it “frequent”.