"Foreign wolf teachers"

I think that’s not something that’s been lost and is probably still on the mind of those who are anxious or “On the Edge about their upcoming cram school check which should be fine “ Not that I would know considering I’m not employed at nor have ever been employed at a cram school in Taiwan or had any felonies just to address that.

I think rather then actually continue the endless discussion perhaps it would actually just actually be easier to admit that doing no research into a topic is essentially the same if not worse as what the articles of CNA had supposedly written in the first place. What would be more beneficial is if you could spend less time providing excuses as to how things were actually done and perhaps look into those laws since you are in fact a journalist or my understanding is correct. Although if we’re just going to be served another carefully selected report by the CNA which will just be translated by TWN then I’m sure most of the people on this forum are capable of navigating to the CNAs page to view in Chinese or in English (Focus) . But while I think it’s extremely important to monitor what’s going on wigh the laws, it’s also important that rather then spending time posting cynical replies at users for their reactions after TWN handling of this whole “mess”, you could be looking into the laws or doing some research perhaps on specifics. But no I think it’s absolutely important as well that one does not simply forgive and forget this as a one time happenstance with TWN as correct me I’m wrong but all I’ve read has been excuses, insults, and pivots. When at this point while not “publically” per se, but CNA has apologized for not citing sources. And if the CNA was indeed your source for an article then just a reminder that if you choose to not do any research and blatantly trust another’s news organization and publish the same thing, then in essence, you are in turn accepting that there is accountability for statements made since obviously it was later referenced the article was according to. But of course, I’m referring to the later article not the original.

Hopefully there’s something that TWN can report that’s beneficial to foreigners in Taiwan rather then spending its time responding to individual users on forum posts when this indeed was a mistake on TWN part and hardly anything to stand by. Thank you.

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Question: why didn’t you guys edit out the offending/controversial language?

Honestly, I am just asking, I am not starting a fight here. Is it you guys have a policy of not changing CNA stuff?

Or you guys take a position, like in the pension reform article, where in the title you write “unfair pensions”?

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OK, a few things:

  1. That is a college level case, not a buxiban, or, Heaven forbid, highschool or elementary school case.

  2. It is being dealt firmly. There is local support for the alleged victims.

  3. There is a process in place -which is why the guy is suing- for him to defend himself of the accusations. He is not thrown to the wolves.

  4. And he’s Korean, not whitie. Koreans are also subject of some, let’s call it prejudice, not to say racism, in some sectors of the society in Taiwan. Less leeway in all senses.

Moreover, a background check would not have helped in thsi case. Korean and japanese societies are a bit known for underplaying sexual harrassment cases against women, or so I have been told by Korean and Japanese female friends. So even if he was a “wold” in his university in Korea, the possibility of there being a record is low. However, if there was, it could have been helpful.

No one is against ccrossing the ts and dotting the is when it comes to placing people in positions of power. However, fair is fair: do the same for all teachers, regardless of nationality. Publish clear rules as to what constitutes a NO GO: there is a difference as said between a public nuisance charge from 20 years ago to a sexual attack conviction. And also plug the holes. Wasn’t there a case with a double nationality ABC who was convicted on abusing his students in the US but escaped to Taiwan and is teaching here? Just saying.

Regarding “unfair pensions” header. Is that an editorial, or are they editorializing their regular news stories as well?

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George took the offending language after getting bullied for several weeks, it wasn’t based on policy or in my personal opinion any actual error.

Looks like a report to me, but what do I know? Let the kman explain himself. I do not want to assume anything.

Is “bullied” now code for being widely criticized for a lack of professionalism?


Roger that.

He wasn’t bullied, he was held accountable for his lack of professionalism.


If I get horrible service at a restaurant and I complain to the waiter it’s not “bullying.” This isn’t grade school. When you’re an adult and working in a profession, you’re held to a certain standard expected by said profession (hence the term “professionalism”). If you fail to meet that standard, then you’re subject to reprimands from your boss or complaints from customers. George isn’t getting fired from this (although I wouldn’t see it as a huge loss for the world of journalism). He should have a tougher skin and garner insight from those that have criticized and try to be better in the future, instead of going on the defensive (or in your case, Kman, going on the offensive).


After working for over 20 years in numerous industries around the world, one common tendency I have noticed is whenever someone starts pointing fingers about “professionalism” it is always a sign that they themselves lack any semblance of said “professionalism.”

Thank you for proving my point. More ad hominem attacks. Keep it up. This is going great for you.



Uhhhhh, so you’re saying that…what exactly???
That @DrewC is an “unprofessional” Forumosa poster???
Yeah, that makes sense.:noway:

Oh, and this:

After working for over 20 years in numerous industries around the world

You want, what, a cookie??


Cos that would mean them admitting they were wrong.

Which is…like…a criminal offence or something in Taiwan from the amount of times I heard it.

PS uttering bu hao yi si doesn’t count.


The posters in the photographs accompanying these two articles caught my attention:


This case of a “foreign wolf teacher” goes back to June.

Thanks for letting us know the case mentioned in post #100 has not been swept under the rug.

This man is a registered sex offender in the United States and has been teaching in Taiwan for 10 years.

This thread title is misleading. It should be “foreign” wolf teachers or foreign “wolf teachers” because wolf teachers is not unique to foreigners. There are more “local” wolf teachers or local “wolf teachers” than foreign wolf teachers.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that wolf teaching is not uniquely made of foreigners.

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