Foreigner assaults taxi driver - government connections make it go away

my lawyer would definitely disagree on that one


they probably spent that on bags for their upper tier employees and their wives alone. this year.



…a she

This is their instagram

My thoughts are that this is one of those brands rich kids start that’s not really viable on its own. I’ve known a few that make it seem like the business is legit but they have family money and live off that. The brand and business is just a front for it all so they pretend they have something to do.

I’ve encountered a few when I tell people I’m in e-commerce and they show me their son or daughter’s business on instagram and they all look like this. I had one that had a vegan chocolate brand. I ordered some to try and it was the worst chocolate I’ve ever tasted. The worst. I threw it away.

Their content looks expensive to do. These are professional photos and edited and feature people which is a lot of money to throw at marketing. It makes no sense to me that a brand can do them consistently and get like 10 likes and have 11k followers. It doesn’t seem organic to me.


has become quite the thing here in Taiwan as well. loads of startups that are rich failures. But then I wonder, seems people can actually fake it til they make it online now. its a world that doesnt really seem sustainable, if that’s the course.


There is Swedish posts here

Their engagement is horrible. We used to do content with our iPhone and use whatever creativity we had and would get more engagement. And it looks like they put their products in retail spaces that must be expensive. How many candles are they possibly selling :man_shrugging: there’s nothing that looks interesting about it because them trying to make it seem like some Swedish lifestyle brand with white faces doing stereotypical Swedish things. which I can’t really connect what it all has to do with candles.

I took a look at their followers and it’s a bunch of influencers and people who put founder of some business that look like BS to me. It’s like a circle jerk of these people hyping each other up.

I kind of pity these people. Having money behind them like that can be a curse (some do very well and build upon it so I don’t want to put everyone in that category). But injecting a huge amount of money do not teach them how to grow their business. They never learn what works and doesn’t actually work and throw money at things. And they don’t have that feeling of their back against the wall.

I started my business with a few thousands dollars from the stimulus check during Covid. Bought some stock. Flipped it and kept repeating. I had to learn to use my capital wisely and be strategic and analytical on what works and doesn’t work in ROI. A lot of entrepreneurs think throwing money will solve the problem but they don’t actually know how to allocate it for growth. They’ll spend it on expensive content and marketing for example.

I spend almost nothing on marketing and focus on building a community for example. You don’t need a huge budget. In fact it can come off not authentic these days. People now prefer authentic content not perfectly crafted ones now. But you don’t get that lesson if you just throw money at marketing and try to make content that looks like a large brand when they would in my opinion be authentic that they’re just a small business probably.


I thought Mordeth had finally gone to jail when I saw the title l. Nope.


I don’t know about Instagram but I think on Tik Tok a person can pay for followers or subscribers ?

Of course lawyers disagree. That’s how they get clients to pay for lawsuits lol.


You can also do that for instagram. But it’s technically not allowed and they will ban your account if they think you’re doing it.

People do that but it doesn’t help your business in my opinion because it hurts engagement. I only want people who are interested in my business to see my content.

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Ah yes, more evidence showcasing how long the tendrils of Big Swede are in Taiwan.

Still stumps me how Ikea was able to remain open here during the Covid era, when just about everywhere else was shuttered. No wonder how it became such a prime spot to bring a hot date…rigged!


If I may ask how do they find your content if they don’t know you? Or is it existing customers sharing it with others, word of mouth etc?
I’m using an educated guess that yout first focus is on making excellent educational , interesting , engaging content about your product and then consider algorithms etc .
You’re becoming the Sir Alan Sugar of Forumosa.


Nah. people are just addicted to shopping. So the idea of buying not actually cheap slave labor shit that will break soon is attractive for people that spend their days on their phones and in malls. Their maze trap of a store is of particular interest for such sheep.

I mean, horse mush meat balls are fine, but dang…their furniture? really?

it’s about novel for them in this country. Kind of cheap western food really was the smartest move they made. Making it cafeteria style is also kind of genius. unlike carrefour which rents out to others. different marketing strategy. carrefour safe bet landlord role vs ikeas make the sheep feed here and buy.

I have yet to see a single ikea hand me down lol. unless it’s less than 10 years old, that makes it not a “hand me down” but a recycling effort in disguise.

I will try not to take this personally. :joy:


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I have a lot of respect for Mordeth. He’s a Canadian troublemaker and I respect him for it. Love his commentary–his highlighting of traffic worst practices in rural Taiwan, and his social commentary. He’s sort of like a proletarian Chewy :laughing: --just from the other side of the tracks and not given the opportunities that some have had. :laughing: :laughing::clown_face: :clown_face: And for that, I totally respect the dude. He’s never boring, which is saying something, given where his formative years were spent. He’s a survivor given traffic accidents, family challenges, etc.

PET used to say most Canadians are nobodies outside of Parliament Hill. Mordeth has made a name for himself outside of Canada. :clown_face: Now those of us from haute bourgeoisie and more genteel backgrounds may sneer at Mordeth, but we should be proud of his democratic and transparent commentaries. :roll_eyes: :cowboy_hat_face:

Let’s be tolerant folks!!!

On July 25, 1969, during the debate of a motion to adjourn the House he said, “The opposition … do not have to govern, they have only to talk. The best place in which to talk, if they want a forum, is, of course, Parliament. When they get home, when they get out of Parliament, when they are 50 yards from Parliament Hill, they are no longer honourable members – they are just nobodies, Mr. Speaker.”

For us the foundation is making content that has value. Not just trying to sell people stuff, at least not directly.

We sell B2B to beauticians and salons for products for professional use. So there is a level of knowledge needed in their profession.

For example we just posted an explanation of how temperature and humidity impacts the performance of a product they use and how to adjust to it. Something like this can often be shared by our followers to their followers in the same industry that end up following. And if we use our products in the demonstration, we don’t have to sell you the product in your face but people will see it.

We also focus on gifting fun gifts. For example free cups with our logo. They will often take pictures of it and share on their instagram and their followers will see.

It’s a lot of trying to focus on our clients and followers instead of throwing money on client acquisition. Existing clients that are happy with us will tell others in the industry which is how we’ve grown. Word of mouth is way more powerful than any marketing campaign can be.


That’s really useful thanks. You’re being a service to the industry , which is building trust in your brand without directly pushing it. :+1:t3:

Exactly. We are experts in the industry and people end up trusting our products when we know what we are talking about and can help them behind selling products. We go over products and ingredients in depth as well. A lot of ingredients are confusing so we break down exactly what we use and why and what other products use that we may not agree with.


If you do, make better life choices :rofl:

to be fair, had no idea you were a follower.

all jokes, even if brutally correct :kissing_heart: :v:t3:

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