Foreigner in Taiwan Dragging a Cross Around

Foreigner in Taiwan possibly doing something religious.

It appears to be Christian and a cross but no way to know what is really happening. Could be a man trying to communicate something about religion but who knows what about what religion. Or could be a midlife crisis or mental breakdown or something else.

I saw him in Chiayi recently. Guess others are seeing him in other places.

What’s going on?

Are people supposed to be inspired or something or is it just some crazy guy or what?



Been on the rock too long ?

I could be amiss but it looks like a person reminding others of the Christ ?

Or ?

He might just want to build a long fence and is hauling it home piece by piece for the lack of transport. It just would not fit on his scooter.

I did not think I have to put it.


And dressed for the part too

Ps you underestimate what a scooter can carry grasshopper

This happens on and off. Have seen it in southern taiwan for the better part of that last couple decades. Bsometimes even nearly naked all orchid island style, but always white guys.

The buddhists do something similar far more often but for different reasons. Religion can be viewed, likely legitimately, as group think, ignorance etc etc. But insanity is in the eye of the beholder. I am quite certain he has a purpose, believes in it and will do it regardless of medical help. To that we can say, have fun. So long as he doesnt affect others in a negative way, have at it. Same goes for all religious stuff.

Gotta say though, back in the day when it was the pingtung guy in underwear, had far more shock value.

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Was t it Easter yesterday ? So much for the scooter theory

Are christians anti-wheel?


Well maybe the rubber shoes help.

Now I’m wondering if it’s a styrofoam or concrete cross. How much does it weigh?

And did the people that drag crosses in biblical times, if they did, wear the same white clothing.

The cross is way too small.

Seems like there’s relatively nothing accurate about this entire effort.

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It would be kind of helpful if people like this would come here and share things with us.

Maybe Confucius is involved here. As Confucius advertised

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius

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Its all brought to you by that cult, name escaping me, with the most excellent temple in tainan depicting all religions bowing down to them. But only on the mural on the back wall hidden from casual drive bys.

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He looks white in that robe :rofl:
Maybe he wants to keep fit during gym lock down and he seems to be doing well at social distancing.

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Could be some sort of new hipster trend, he has a beard.


It’s a religious vow, a devout Christian. Happens every holy week. Repentance. Other Christians had a religious vow to be crucified in the cross. His is carrying the cross to the calvary. (like Jesus did) I have seen him in Taipei i guess two years ago.

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I wonder if dragging that cross around doesn’t leave nasty marks on the road…

They usually have little wheels on the bit that drags, but I can’t see any on this guy’s cross.


Some prefer a wheel some go with wood.

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How’s he going to get the last nail in?

I’m neither a Christian not a mechanical engineer… But there should be some ways even without outside help (which Jesus surely had). Like banging your hand holding the nail against a wall/floor, the heavy cross (bound to your arm by ropes) acting like the hammer.

Beats me why anyone would want to do such a thing, though.


@BiggusDickus i don’t know how… I even freak out with a single thorn of a rose.

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