Foreigners avoiding each other

Oooh :rofl:

Stupid question gets a stupid reply.

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Photo please so I know in advance to avoid you, Mr Grumpy.

Café s are a social environment, I find in Blighty a couple with a young child very happy to talk about their offspring, proudly.

Seems Taipei humidity make Westerners grumpy?

Listen to this cheer yourselves up on a glorious Sunday.

Yes, that’s my experience too…the foreigners who start talking to you here tend to be the kind of people you want to slowly back away from, and you suddenly realise there’s somewhere else you urgently need to be.


Who wants to be seen talking to the only other foriginer in the area when they could, potentially, be on national news for throwing a banana peel out their window?


If someone that’s not an old Gramma wants to talk about my child, beyond a nice little ‘how cute!,’ I lean towards thinking they are weirdo creeps. I’ve had someone ask if they could video my child because they were so cute… uh, no, fucko.

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Right now it kinda is. Pretty much everywhere I go I’m the only foreigner 99% of the time.

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Do your kids approach others by themselves? Three of my kids have no problems starting conversations with strangers. Usually I have to worry about them bothering other people instead of freaks bothering them. Luckily Taiwan is a pretty safe place for kids.

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Western foreigner or foreigner? I don’t see western foreigners often except in Taipei, but there are SE Asians everywhere.

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Child is still on the young side, so no. The context of this latest bump were these foreigners with a baby.

I think I know the buxiban he runs.


I play the banjo and love a resting.bitch face, so you would be fine about my resting grandpa face :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:

That’s the first thing I thought too. They even print their own magazines for that garbage or something I thought I read.

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Sounds like a wild place to work.

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Are we still using the same secret Forumosa sign when meeting other foreigners?

Or is there a new signal?



But be careful using it on younger foreigners. They might just think you are a Fortnite fan.

I really hated it when the secret sign was to stick your pinkys in your ears and flap your arms around like a butterfly.

That was embarrassing every time.


The doubles in the face
:fu: :fu:
Bust it out next time you see a suspected member. :wink:

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I presume we’re speaking about “western” foreigners here. I see foreigners. They’re everywhere. Walking around like regular people. They don’t know they’re foreigners.
Seriously, though, there are a shitload in Ximen, where I get my daily commute. If I nodded to each of them, my head would fall off.
In my apartment block, there are four or so. We always say “hi” to each other.
The Philippine and Indonesian caregivers give me a “hi”, too.


I guess I should say I almost don’t see ANY foreigners except some SE Asians and these days , Indians …Occasionally. If I go to the wet market I’ll see a lot. Depends where I go, some tourist areas I don’t see a whole load either. Just spent weekend on East coast…99% + locals as usual. A few Indians, a few whites , one black guy, Probably some asians that blended in.
Ok I saw a bunch of foreign fishermen living on the boats in NanFangAo. Most of the fishermen are foreigners there.