Foreigners banking discrimination?

I had a small issue with the banking app so I went to a branch and they told me it’s about my ARC is not updated.

I had ARC with me but the lady asks for passport in order to just update the ARC.
I offered another document like Taiwan driving licence, which I had as well with me.

They said that if I’m Taiwanese then any two documents work (ex. ID + driving licence or health insurance card).

Since I’m a foreigner then I need to show them passport. Even if I have driving licence with me. Is this correct?


Welcome to Taiwan!


They will even ask for your passport when they have it on file.
Most of the times they make a copy when processing any application at the bank.
Showing them a photo or a copy of the passport is usually not accepted.

I’m here since many years. I don’t need welcomes even if I appreciate it.

I need to know if it’s a policy or not


Is it a rule that foreigners need to show it?

It’s a joke, because this kind of discrimination is so deeply rooted in the finance industry that only someone fresh off the boat would be unaware of it.


I’m aware of the general discrimination and I don’t even care.

I care not to waste time by going into a bank without passport if it’s not necessary

Yes, most banks and bank tellers will insist on a passport. Same with phone companies.

Is that better?


The banks are required to do it because of ridiculous financial regulations. Tax avoidance, money laundering, etc.

But asking it every time is over the top, but they still do it. Even if you are not American.


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If you’ve been here for long, are you saying you’ve never experienced it before?

And whether it’s policy or law, or not - at the end of the day nothings gonna happen unless
you give them what they ask for.


Do they insist because they have a ground to insist (ex. Company written policy where it’s written that specifically foreigners NEED to bring passport) or is it just something they ask because they are used to?

My question is more specific

I think if the bank has told you they need your passport, then you’re going to be wasting that time going without your passport. But it’s just part of the general discrimination you’re fine with, so it should be ok?


Both. Literally both. And it is written only in internal documents, but you can’t have a copy. Websites say nothing of the sort.

It’s pretty well established that banks can pull whatever discriminatory regs they want from their dark moneyhole and you have the choice of following them or going elsewhere. If I’m wrong, correct me

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You are wrong. If you point them they are doing something not correct they will act accordingly. From this my question. I wanna know if I some official documents is written that they have to ask for passport only to foreigners while locals can also show two Taiwanese documents

I’m ok with it. But I want to know if I’m ‘choosing to be discriminated’ or if it’s a policy

I think you’re wildly off base with this assumption, based on everything I’ve heard here for years. Good luck though!


You could contact the bank’s head office and ask for their policy in writing.

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Why does that make a difference? I can’t see why a bank writing this down on an internal document would alter whether you’re ok with it.