Formosa Today podcast - Short recaps of the day's news

Good afternoon Forumosa,

Today we released the first episode of our weekday evening recaps of the day’s news. We decided to start doing these radio style news updates due to the lack of quality English news here in Taiwan. Every weekday, before 18:30 we will release a short news recap of the day. The idea is that it will be recorded and released just before most people clock off work, meaning they will be able to listen to it on their way home, or as they are winding down for the day. Our news recaps are all going to be purposefully short, between three and ten minutes, so you don’t need to carve out a big portion of your day to tune in. We really hope you can give feedback.

Our first episode for June 7th, 2021 can be found here:

We are hoping that within the next day or so, the major podcast platforms will have updated their directories to include Formosa Today, and at that time you will be able to listen to us through your favorite app or website. For now, the link above should allow you to listen easily.

Hope you like it!


It would be great if you could share the transcript of your audio too.

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Good work. Taiwan-based podcasts in English are…less useful than they are common.

If you want feedback, try to get this in various podcast platforms. If it appeared in my feed, I probably would listen daily but am not going to hunt down ‘buzzsprout’ to play on my computer.

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We are working on getting into the different directories. We are now on Apple Podcasts:

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I was doing a video diary reporting events here on covid. I’ll do one more then I’m done with it. This is all so depressing and it’s all been said before the world over since the start. I’ll do one more then quit until I have mostly good and positive news to report. This is all very very depressing to me.

You can now also find us on:

  • Overcast
  • Castro
  • Castbox
  • Podfriend
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Today’s news recap is now live.

We are now also on multiple podcast apps and websites, such as Apple Podcasts, but these sites are often slow to update their feeds (especially for new podcasts) so if you can’t see the latest episode on your favorite app yet you can listen to us right from our host Buzzsprout.

Today’s news recap is now live - Moderna Rollout.

Amazon Music is good place to listen if you want to get the latest episode fast.

Things I like about the Podcast:

  • News are on point
  • Nice voice
  • No Intro music or Jingle.

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Hi everyone, we are really happy with the amount of people listening.

Today’s new episode is now out.

Listen on Apple Podcasts:

We are still waiting for Google Podcasts to accept our submission.

Thanks for all the feedback, keep it coming!


This is great. While I’m not living in Taiwan, I’d love to listen to this daily to keep abreast of what’s going on. Any chance you can get it on YouTube, Spotify, or Podomatic? Or how about a Facebook page to get updates so I can be reminded to check it out when a new episode launches? I’m afraid I’m not going to download an extra app for one podcast, no matter how much I like it.


Do you have a podcatcher you’re using right now? On iOS you’ve got Apple Podcast by default.
I’m using Antenna Pod, because it’s customisable and it takes the podcast from all big hosting platforms.

I’ve been doing a video commentary on the matters here in Taiwan. Please have a look on fb

Or YouTube

I’ve been listening to your podcast each day. Very nice

We are working to get this onto all the major podcasting apps, but submission processing times vary. YouTube is a good idea, and we will start uploading there too from tomorrow.

Thank you. Your video updates are very detailed and informative. Good for winding down at the end of the day.

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Thanks for this. Short and to the point, with all the news we need about Taiwan

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Hello everybody, our last news recap of the week is out.

Listen to us directly on Buzzsprout:

Listen to us on Apple Podcasts: (it takes Apple an hour or so to update their feed)

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Good afternoon Forumosans,

Today’s episode is now live, and things are looking good on the COVID front!

In other news, we are now on Google Podcasts, so whether you use an Apple or Android device, you should be able to listen to us on an app already installed on your phone/tablet.

Google Podcasts:

Apple Podcasts:

See you all tomorrow!

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