Forumosa Discord

Is there a discord channel for this Forum?

Not as far as I know! Why, you want a chat area?

Just wondering. Most forums these days have Discord for voice chat or instant messaging.

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Would be interesting to have Forumosa people just chatting in my ear whilst I get work done.


You’d have to make it so that whoever is in it must use the same username as on Forumosa tho, so we know who is who

If only there were some online space where we could chat?


Perhaps you could have it so that regulars have access by default, and then regular members have to be invited, so as to not get too many randoms

You can segment discord users into “registered,” “public” and etc. channels. So only verified users can go into “registered” area.

People can always change their handles in Discord, you can’t control that and I think that’s a good thing.

I think someone else made this topic recently. I kind of wish there was. I wonder if that’s why they made a spam thread?

Nahh. I am testing a feature and you’re all my guinea pigs.

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Feel free to set up a Line group

This topic was similar:

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We could link the new Forumosa Chat to Slack, but I don’t use Slack so I don’t know how to administer Forumosa Slack channels

I looked up whether we could integrate Forumosa Chat with Discord and came upon this blog post

Can anyone help me understand why we might want to integrate with Discord or Slack?

Could we integrate it with Line? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Totally thought this was aboot something else. :whistle:

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I’m not against the idea of integrating Forumosa to Discord I just don’t know what this means because I don’t use Discord.

This thread was not helpful in explaining to me how this integration loos like or works - I think it all happens on Discord, which I am not familiar with

Discord is like chat with voice audio. My kids use it for staying in touch with their friends and playing games together. Discord also has channels with chat, so it might have its own life. If you want to set up a Discord, you should look at just setting up a Discord. I think you need to manage it completely separately. Then after that, you can do some integration.


I did set up a Discord server once upon a time, but I didn’t know what to do with it (network effects – kind of a chicken and egg thing). Now my son’s at an age where he’s setting up servers and raiding his friends. So I know I have to get to know Discord better soon so I can keep up with him.

So maybe soon? Unless someone wants to sit down with me and explain what is needed to manage it separately?

I’ve used Discord for both work and gaming. Work was programming-related, so I found it pretty useful to just pop into a voice channel with co-workers to discuss issues and stuff. I know some frameworks (Next.js and Remix come to mind) also have Discord servers for their communities too. Discord is pretty cool since you can also use and develop bots to help with community management - onboarding, moderation, etc.

Overall, I think Discord is great for chatting and getting answers on the spot. But over time, all the information can get kind of difficult to manage. In this case, there are Discord-Discourse integrations you can use to manage long-term information (I guess you could call it that).

If folks just want to chat, would a Discord widget be a better option?

But be aware that Discord is still owning the server and the data on it. The company has the last word on it if there is some issue.