Forumosa Guanxi Auctions

Please help me test. Winners of this auction will be fully refunded whatever Guanxi they pay. Auction closes on Tuesday (I think)

But if you’re a really devious immoral type, you can just steal the avatar, can’t you?


Let’s auction off real stuff. Like socks, teacups, crappy old tvs, baked goods, etc.

And free beer at the happy hour. I’d give heaps for free beer on a Friday :smiley:

We could always specify that these are for sale only - anyone who misaprropirates one will be prohibited from having an avatar. We have the power to do that… :sunglasses:

Where am I going to put a skyscraper? I’ve hardly got room for the cat as it is and when that sperm whale I bought on e-bay arrives, I won’t have room to move.

If I get it I’ll give it to charity, one of those organisations for the homeless.

Actually it looks like the one growing in the park across the main road from my apartment. Except it’s smaller of course. Oh, I get it. It’s a bonzai skyscraper!!

How does this work when the guanxi purse strings are open to a pack of miscreants? …Oh, I think that includes me… :blush:
I mean shouldn’t there be a central banker with the sole access to guanxi if this is to work?

On 2nd thoughts, I don’t want it. It looks like an erect penis. I’d get sued by Fox if I put that under Bart’s arse :shock:

I think I might have broken it :blush:

You did want us to test it for bugs, right ?

I do think it’s good that there are big things to spend guanxi on. When you have thousands, what are you supposed to do with it ? It becomes a bit worthless. So look what I spent mine on :stuck_out_tongue: I did use my own private stash, not my magic moderator guanxi, so now I can look forward to earning it all over again. Maybe we could add other landmarks, CKS memorial hall for 5000, Airport for 2000, Taipower Building for 20 :stuck_out_tongue: Are the images a bit big ? They take up a lot of screen space.

Yesterday, Poagao suggested that we call guanxi Forumosa Money, or Fo-ney for short :stuck_out_tongue:

Notice how you can auction off any of your chops ? Anyone want to sell me a Grumpy chop ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Woo Hoo! I just won the auction for Taipei 101 and have paid for it. How do I get it? Can I just walk in, flash my Forumosa name card and select which office suite I’d like?

Oh, there it is. And just look at how long it makes my, er, thing! I’m even bigger than Matthew now.

[quote=“sandman”]Oh, there it is. And just look at how long it makes my, er, thing! I’m even bigger than Matthew now.[/quote]Yeah yeah, your erection is twice as big as mine, but at least mine wasn’t bought on the cheap.

Boys and their big buildings.

Yes, could we please auction off some donuts, fruit (melons come to mind) and mountain peaks (preferably in pairs) from around the city.

Well I must say, I’m more than satisfied with my new erection, but can’t I have it above my throbbing blue ball – I’d like to be as anatomically correct as its possible to be with only one throbbing ball. And Gus, can you make it throb too, for continuity?

I think you should also make it sway back and forth, as if it were in an earthquake.

I would say it’s about right, there is supposed to be a throbbing blue 800 ton ball at the top of it.