Forumosa NFL Pick'em contest

I set this contest up on Superbru. It’s easy to sign up and play. You pick the winners of each game each week and the winning margin. They total things up and there’s a weekly winner and eventually, one Forumosan will claim bragging rights as Forumosa Pick’em Champion. All are welcome, I’m looking forward to the season personally!

Join Forumosa NFL Pick’em, my NFL league on @Superbru! You can find my pool here:
or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code:

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I’m in. Got to say, though, that fantasy football has forever altered the way I think. I haven’t “looked” at the game on a team by team basis for the past ten years or so, or even paid attention to team outcomes. We’ll see what happens.

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hut… hut… bump

I can’t believe there are like three NFL fans in Taiwan, me, surrenr and @tempogain. We’re about 20 hours from the kickoff of 2018’s first NFL game, Falcons at Eagles at 8:20am our time (Taiwan) Friday morning.

Come on people! It’s totally free of charge! It’s fun!

This is like the NFL office pool, the kind where some underemployed NFL fan circulates a mimeographed schedule each week. You choose the winner of each game. As the basis for a tiebreaker you also have to choose the total amount of points that you reckon for the Monday night game. You return your filled-out form to the guy who handed it to you, and the weekly winner is calculated after the Monday night game is over.

The embarrassing key to this is that invariably the brave people who know little or nothing about the NFL always seem to win the pot. Happens all the time.

This is the same thing! It’s easy! You don’t have to know anything! Come on, join!

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I don’t follow NFL but I signed up anyway and I’ll try to keep up.

I picked the Rams as my team because of this.


Alright alright signed up. Didn’t want to commit time (as little as this is compared to fantasy).

I expect to be at the bottom of the ladder from the get go.


I picked the Browns because I wish to remain at the bottom of the ladder so I don’t get worked up over this competition. Actually a Bucs fan, but I kind of like this Baker kid.

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Did you catch any of Baker Maysfield on this season’s HBO’s Hard Knocks (it just ended)?

Pretty easy kid to like, I agree. Looks like he may be slightly slow afoot, which for a white pocket-passer is probably a good thing. He seems to be pretty grounded compared to your run of the mill millennial.

I’ve got the last episode queued, will go about it on the weekend.

Unsure of how much this newfound maturity is pretend, but I do believe in fake it till you make it.

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He looked good in preseason action. If you go on NFL’s YouTube they have videos of all plays from notable rookies.

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He sure did. The kid checked down his passes like a seasoned pro. He knew better than to stare at his receiver. His arm strength seems above average for a pro. He seems to be smart and mature for his age. Even under great pressure there was never visible panic. Threw only one interception in all 4 pre-season games (he didn’t play every minute of them). Very impressive so far.

There is another rookie QB who also impressed me, your Sam Darnold. Another millennial who seems to have his head on right - and in NYC to boot.

Sam seems really level headed… Definitely helps in NYC. He looks really poised back there. They’re making the right call starting him and trading Bridgewater. Early days but we’re excited

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Sam Darnold seem to made of better stuff than Mayfield, but Mayfield is the underdog story that I like cheering for.

Mayfield #1 pick isnt necessarily wrong or bad, but I think there’s a lot of argument to be made that Mayfield should’ve been outside the top 5 or 10 picks.


Any more takers? It’s fun, it’s free, you get the chance to pound Tempogain

This is a fun contest that keeps you in interested in the NFL. It’s very rare to find anybody who is super good at this. If you manage to pick 75% of the winners (much less the point spread) each week you’ll probably win by a landslide.

True story. In an office pool once we had some women who played but who ~said~ they were disinterested in the NFL. One of them was updating her kitchen and chose her weekly sheet by the Instagram posts by the QB’s wife of their kitchen countertops (she said). She went 16-0 and won that week going away. In my experience this isn’t unusual, to the frustration of those of us who think we know a little something something about the NFL.

My point is that the bar is pretty low in this kind of game. It’s super fun, though. Also, I see that the superbru platform has a “Banter” section where you can post lame trash talk. Anybody who’s more interested in trash talk than the NFL should be in this contest for that reason alone, is all I’m saying.

The bar is far higher for trash talk than it is for actually winning. This is going to be a TON of fun.

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Still not too late to get in on the action!

Matt Ryan :man_facepalming:.

So. Any news if Aaron Rodgers is sitting out this week?

Looks like it’ll be a game-time decision. Big game

Yeah massive. Patroits @ Jacksonville is a difficult pick for me too.