Forumosa political standing test


Plus there are some crucial differences between younger vs older people who may seem to have similar political views on a surface level but differ in more subtle ways that the quiz just doesn’t gauge.

Probably asking too much of a simple online quiz.


I bet most people would broadly agree with their label though.


Most people would probably say “Okay, yeah, but…”


Hence, broadly


Yeah, well, there’s kind of an inherent problem with labels, isn’t there??

ETA: I think there’s much more value in the actual depiction of the four sliders than the final label part


I found it interesting, but the “closest match” seems kind of random…
I only saw one other “Liberalism” result here, but our results are in opposite directions in “Economic” and “Diplomatic” axis… :idunno:

On the other hand, my results were much more similar to @tando one’s, but the “closest match” still different… :idunno: :idunno:


That’s true. Things like this are just too liquid for specific labels.


Anyways, as always…


Thanks for always being yourself, sweet rabbit.


You are too centrist on economic axis to be “social”.


damn, i just noticed that i didn’t include my position in the screenshot, and i don’t remember what it was. feelsbadman


Take it again. You might find out that the results are not deterministic…


And perhaps not progressive enough to be a Liberal.


I did it again and got nearly the same result, it labeled me as a neocon -___-’ i’m far from being a neocon, so I guess the problem may be the liberty/authority slider in which i score above 50% while in reality i lean much closer to liberty.

Same sex marriage should be allowed -> strongly agree
No authority should be left unquestioned -> strongly agree

“You’re an authoritarian” > well fuck you too, test!




There’s some of that in there. But there’s also some of this:érigord#Anecdotes


I think this means that I’m wishy-washy.


My readings were virtually identical albeit slightly more pro-market in the first axis. It is why I was labelled neo-liberal rather than centrist.


I got very similar numbers to ChewDawg (61, 49, 54, 55). Since my political views are quite different to his, I reckon it’s not a very useful test :slight_smile:

I ended up answering “unsure” to a lot of the questions because they either didn’t make any sense to me, presented a false dichotomy, or attempted to boil down some complicated issue into a simplistic yes/no response.


I am more establishment/centrist than you think. I like to provoke and be contrarian, but also realize change is often best made from within.