Forumosa political standing test



Yeah, that’s about right. I’m probably a bit more Nationalistic if backed into a corner given the US Hyperpower Status and how that benefits me and mine, but I see no need to cross an ocean in order to swing a d8ck at anyone’s face.


I’m not really surprised.


“Libertarian Socialism”. I would call myself “Left Libertarian”, because I don’t think the means of production should necessarily belong to the workers.

Freedom and equality for all!


Labels can be confusing, I agree with the notion of equality for all, always have. But can the progressive wing of the left claim with a straight face they still believe in “equality for all”?

Serious question, I’m not being flippant or trying to imply some snide remark. I’ve given this quite a bit of thought.


This is interesting:






Be honest…your pet monkey typed this one in, right?


The questions are all kinda loaded… I think its an unfair picture of the monkey to be honest.




Shiva may have taken over


More like Kali.


Kali is often portrayed standing or dancing on her consort, the Hindu god Shiva, who lies calm and prostrate beneath her.

OK, maybe


eh? How can you have fascism & laissez-faire economics? The whole point of fascism is State control of the economy.


Its either that, or I’ve watched to much Joe Rogan.

Ya see the monkey had dilemmas like that on every single question in the quiz…


No surprise. At least they haven’t changed the metric for this test, can’t wait to try a progressive liberal test.


While listening to some TED talks, I found this test more interesting.

You have to register or sign in with facebook to take the test. It was a USC, UCI, University of Virginia joint study. The one I took is the second test, Moral Foundations Questionnaire.

In the TED talk, it was pointed out that if you only find Harm(the lack of), and Fairness to be the most important morals, you are probably a liberal.

If you find all 5 of equal importance, which includes loyalty, authority, and purity(social norms), you are likely to be a conservative.


Facebook? I wonder who they’re selling the data mined from this quiz to? I’m definitely not taking it. Ironic that they’d host a quiz about morals…


Just don’t sign in with facebook if you are worried about the track record of that company. The website itself is hosted by the University of Virginia (IP is