Forumosa site issue on phone

Not sure if its an issue or not. But if it helps, here is the issue.

When things fail and the pop up window comes up you cant scroll or resize. When viewing verticle view it is too wide and cant see whole message and cannot click whatever buttons they want to be clicked. Horizontal view gets put up tonfar and it cannot be scrolled down.

I just reload or give up. But if its a problem on the aite others might care more. Possible it is my phone. I have many issues on my phone with this site. But mkst are small and insignificant.

Another couple things unique to phone:

When typing the message box is way high and also extends past the right side so when typing cant see the far right or the top bar of editing tools.

I also have an issue that wont let me type right. I have to turn off screen and turn on again. Its a ritual now, everytime i post i turn off the screen and open again to type. This one likely is my phone but i have no idea.

Lastly. Long threads have no pages. So it is one long page of posts in a thread. So if one is new or has cleared cookies or reading on a different decice it would a take an hour to scroll down to the bottom.

Just some observations. Hope its helpful, could very well be on my end.

Using android with firefox.

One thing you could try is to go to your top-right icon/Explant/Drafts and remove any drafts. I will continue to look at the other stuff

Cheers. Im not too worried about fixing pro blems for me. Just trying to point things out if it can help the site. May very well be my end…im not tech minded so quite content with strange little quirks :slight_smile:

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I can help you with this one. To scroll, click here:

Then move the scroll bar up and down as needed:


Thanks man! Now i really feel stupid haha. Dont want to think how much time have spent scrolling down :hear_no_evil:

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Yep. Now I can skip all the Trump bickering, come in with a fly by post and leave without learning a thing.


Question, are you in desktop mode?

Also, do you have any other tabs of Forumosa open on Firefox? If so, please close them by swiping them away.

No other fprumosa tabs. But always have 30 to 100 tabs open at any given time.

The problems only appear in mobile. Desktop mode or on the computer everything seems to work fine.

Right. But do you have Request Desktop Site enabled or disabled? If enabled, disable it.

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Disabled. Rarely use it

That’s weird. I use Firefox on Android all the time and never have an issue.

Strange, indeed.
I do all my Forumosa browsing via mobile, and don’t have any of this issues.
I’m using Chrome on Android, though.

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Thats great then. Better just my phone doesnt work well here rather than a site script issue. No need to waste time on it then if the site is working properly :slight_smile: