Forumosa vs. Taiwanease?


Possibly. But I’m not sure which one of us deserves it. Er, “deserves” may be the wrong word.

EDIT: Damn, that clip is from the seventh season?! (“Homerpalooza”) I thought it was way later than that.


Sarcasm is an art form! An art? A sign of depression? Desperation?


Not like this. There’s poking, and then there’s out-and-out personal attacks.


TG gets it.


I get that the main aim of Taiwaneasy is totally different, forums aren’t their core driver. But now with this site easily getting >1,000 posts per day and that one around 1 per day (or slightly more), what’s the point? I mean, the forums over on the other site could have been kept more limited in scope and focused on the true aims of that site. Like how a camera review website will have its own forums but wouldn’t have a politics or religion section (for example).

1,000 posts

Um, we got it once…

…the main aim was exactly the same, it was a mirror site, same format, same mods.

1,000 posts

Same posters. Same posts. Maybe a little more civilized.


Whoa whoa whoa, let’s not celebrate too early. We’ve only hit that milestone once. And mostly because all those poll threads were a buzz.


Why is this still being discussed?

At this point it’s like arguing between VHS and Beta-Max. Or Classic Coke and New Coke. One clearly won out and it wasn’t Taiwanease.

Our only competitor is the Taiwan reddit subgroup and only obnoxious twenty-somethings post there anyway.


Ok, fair enough. Hundreds of posts a day, which is lots more than the other site.


I don’t!


If just a mirror site, why bother in the first place? Clearly not a mirror site anymore.


You only meet one of those criteria. :wink:


If you look at their posts, I wouldn’t really consider them a “competitor” per se. Just went through their top posts this morning and it doesn’t seem like they even discuss the same things. Though, I do try to avoid the political forums here and that seems to be much of what’s over there.

I will say that this definitely feels more like a “community” than it does over there. I use Reddit a lot, but not that subreddit.


Thank you for the flattering answer.:sunglasses:


You’d have to ask MM that. He thought he could do a better job on his own, or maybe generate revenue.

Didn’t happen. Never mind.


Gain is on Reddit Taiwan as well bringing his own brand of sunshine and light (I occasionally post with another username there ) would you not want to hang with him at both forums?

Double your Gain!


BTW the move to discourse was eventually a game changer for this site. Well done !


Yes, once they got rid of that horrible white background.